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80 Outstanding Parallax Scrolling Website Templates

One of the trends in web design that catches so much heat is parallax scrolling. Technically, parallax scrolling is a technique in computer graphics that creates an illusion of depth producing in the process a nice 3D animated effect. This is achieved by having the background images move in a slower pace than the ones in the foreground. Right now, web designers are adopting the technique and the result of their work is simply astounding. Parallax scrolling websites really tend to be interactive and

80 Amazing Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes

By creating an illusion of depth, parallax scrolling WordPress themes can make dull and boring websites into something fun and exciting. Parallax scrolling is a hot trend in web design right now because it provides a fun and engaging experience for the visitors. Try to visit these websites for example –, and These websites have a cool 3D animated effects thanks to parallax scrolling. It is the technique of having the background images move in a slower pace than the ones

55 Best One Page WordPress Themes

If you find traditional web design to be a bit bland, using one page WordPress themes on your websites can definitely make them more interesting than they use to be. Conventional web design setup where separate page exists for every navigation link has been around since time immemorial. From the perspective of accessibility and user experience, this presentation style demands that the user click the navigation link before it can be loaded. Basically, this means that each time you click your website’s navigation, a page is loaded which takes time to appear on the browser window. With one page WordPress themes,