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100+ Amazing Minimalist WordPress Themes

Minimalism has been a dominant trend in art and in graphic design and right now, it has also conquered the web with the abundance of minimalist WordPress themes that you can find. Basically, such kind of WordPress themes are clean, simple and straightforward. With their uncluttered and laid back appearance, minimal WordPress themes do not attract attention unto themselves but rather allow your contents to shine. Also, on the functional aspect of things, they are naturally optimized for speed. This is because they contain only a few items and

60 Beautiful Flat WordPress Themes

Right now, flat WordPress themes are in demand thanks to Microsoft and Google for eschewing skeuomorphism in favor of minimal and straightforward UI design. When Windows 8 was released, its metro-style design became a talk of the day. Many admired its interface because its being simple yet effective in drawing the attention of the users. Also, after Google entered by scene with artistic use of white space and flat design in Google Now and a number of its products, many are convinced that the day of skeuomorphism or real-world imitation of objects in web and app interfaces is over. Whether