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How to Add Custom Font in WordPress

WordPress is a pretty powerful CMS but its default configuration has very limited font options at your disposal. If you want to style your website a bit from the ordinary, you might need to change the typography of your website with unique custom fonts that you have downloaded from a third party source. For an absolute beginner who is still learning the ropes of web development, this tutorial is very helpful is it teaches the basic technique on how to makeover a website. Here’s

10+ Great jQuery Typography Plugins to Enhance Your Website

If you find pure CSS and HTML to be wanting in giving you control over the fonts of your web design, these jQuery typography plugins allow you to tweak your web texts like never before. Beautiful typography is an essential part of a good web design. It can either enhance or ruin user interface and so attention must be paid on to ensure that it is pleasant and readable. Unfortunately, despite of the text customization possibilities brought about by @font-face and Google Fonts, definitive