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50 Amazing WordPress Agency Theme Collection

As its name suggests, a WordPress agency theme is called as such because it has the look and feel and features suited for the needs of design companies, freelance creative professionals, and other service provider firms. Just like any business, these entities need a web presence to maximize their earning potential. Features of a WordPress Agency Theme Because agencies offer service, their websites often contain portfolio showing the works they have completed for previous clients. By showing to your visitors what you are capable

55 Best One Page WordPress Themes

If you find traditional web design to be a bit bland, using one page WordPress themes on your websites can definitely make them more interesting than they use to be. Conventional web design setup where separate page exists for every navigation link has been around since time immemorial. From the perspective of accessibility and user experience, this presentation style demands that the user click the navigation link before it can be loaded. Basically, this means that each time you click your website’s navigation, a page is loaded which takes time to appear on the browser window. With one page WordPress themes,

50 Great Free Portfolio WordPress Themes

This collection of free portfolio WordPress themes is intended to help designers, photographers and other creative individuals create a website where they can showcase their works for the world to see. Nowadays, it is possible to be recognized and gain a huge following in a short period of time through the world wide web. Artists and creative designers take advantage of this opportunity to make their works known and generate demand for their services. Through his online portfolio, people can now see the previous work completed by a certain designer. From there, clients would have an idea what