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How to Recover and Change Lost WordPress Username and Password

If you have forgotten your wp-admin password, WordPress has built-in email recovery mechanism that you can use. How about if the email password recovery system doesn’t work? If that is the case, you can change lost WordPress username and password by accessing your database. Username and Password Recovery Through the Database One of the effective ways to recover access to wp-admin, is through the database PhpMyAdmin. This is applicable whether you have lost a username or a password. How to do it? 1. Begin

How to Add Custom Font in WordPress

WordPress is a pretty powerful CMS but its default configuration has very limited font options at your disposal. If you want to style your website a bit from the ordinary, you might need to change the typography of your website with unique custom fonts that you have downloaded from a third party source. For an absolute beginner who is still learning the ropes of web development, this tutorial is very helpful is it teaches the basic technique on how to makeover a website. Here’s

How to Display a Dynamic Logo in a WordPress Theme

Free WordPress themes like Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen, are great options if you want to create a functional website without spending much for the your web design. They are coded with the latest standards and so they are unlikely to encounter problems going forward. Unfortunately, these themes do not give you much choice when it comes to making your website reflect your personal brand, tastes and preferences. Of course, you can extend the functionality of your website using plugins but adding

30 Marvelous jQuery Drop Down Menu Plugins and Tutorials

jQuery drop down menu has been very common in almost any kind of websites nowadays. This is to provide an attractive navigation system on a web page without consuming its precious real estate. With a jQuery drop down menu plugin, you can display the important pages and subcategories of your contents at a click of your header or sidebar navigation. Depending on your needs, you can find plugins from simple, multi-level drop downs, to one that displays a large drop down box containing numerous

20 Helpful HTML5 and CSS3 Form Tutorials

The web design and development landscape has changed drastically thanks for the new possibilities brought about by HTML5 and CSS3 on the table. With CSS3, you can do more beyond the usual styling through gradients, drop shadows and rounded corners. These allows you to write a more semantic and streamlined codes supported by major browsers. Right now, HTML5 and CSS3 are pretty much employed by web developers and they are actively used in creating a variety of web forms among others. If you want

15+ Amazing Websites to Learn Web Design and Development

There a lot of websites sharing bits and pieces of information on how to become a web developer but these online resources offer a more systematic and richer learning experience. The web has revolutionized the way of teaching and learning, thanks to the ease with which we can share videos and and printed materials online. Right now, we can actually learn highly technical matters as web design and programming without having to attend actual classroom sessions. There are tons of blog posts and tutorial

25+ Awesome Adobe Fireworks Tutorials for Design Geeks

Proficiency in two or more graphic software is always better than knowledge with one. To help you with the learning curve, we are rounding up some of the great Adobe Fireworks Tutorials. Adobe has a great line of products and some of the most popular are Photoshop and Illustrator. Among its line of graphic software is of course, Adobe Fireworks. While not as popular as Photoshop, this application packs the same power and capabilities. It can give you PSD files, export web page designs

30 Helpful PSD to HTML and CSS Tutorials

These PSD to HTML and CSS tutorials can surely help you acquire the rudimentary knowledge in becoming a web developer without spending anything except time and effort. Converting a PSD mock up into codes is a crucial step in creating a website and so a lot of learning materials about it have been published online. Depending on your preference, you can search for video tutorials with live explanations from their creators or you can go for text based resources that lay down the codes

20 Amazing Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

Enhance your graphic designing skills by following these Christmas Photoshop tutorials. The yuletide season is coming and it will be the time of the year when people go festive with decorations such as Christmas trees, lights, bells, candles, reindeer and many more. Also, people have this tradition of giving Christmas cards and putting on a cool Christmas wallpaper right on their desktops. Creating artworks featuring these elements however, requires skill in using a graphic software. For artists who are working to enhance their skills

30 Spooky Halloween Photoshop Tutorials

Learn how to make hair raising graphic designs by following these Halloween Photoshop tutorials. In a couple of days, there will be Halloween costume parties and this will not be complete without scary artworks that set the mood of everybody for the occasion. For budding artists, such decorations offer an opportunity to learn how to create terrifying posters, t-shirts, invitation cards, wallpapers and other designs. If want to know the specific techniques, or the process on how to create scary photo manipulations, you will