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80+ Best Photography WordPress Themes To Amaze Your Audience

Creating a beautiful and professional website to showcase your photos and attract prospective clients is now a breeze with some of the best photography WordPress themes. Showcasing your photos online is the best way to make them seen and appreciated by others. For amateur and professional photographers alike, this really matters since it would provide them with a means to create opportunities to monetize their craft. While there a lot of photo hosting websites such as Flickr and Photobucket that can give a photographer

40 Refreshing Water Lily Photography

Water lilies are refreshing to the senses especially if see them blooming, on a quiet and still pond. The sight of them will really calm your nerves and will let you find inner peace as you relish the tranquility, the stillness of their existence devoid of hassle, and of life’s frenetic rushings. Whenever you are tired, or weary, or you feel that you have been extra busy, a trip to a pond of water lilies, on a lake or any body of water, will surely put you at ease. In this post, you will find some examples

40 Beautiful Computer Workstation Setups You Can Emulate

Computer workstation setups speak well of the place or environment in which geeks and other computer bound office workers perform their tasks. Depending on the kind of devices used, how they are arranged and how the auxiliary accessories are laid will definitely affect the productivity and even the mindset of the user. This is true whether you are using mac or PC. To give you some inspiration,  we are sharing with you here a number of computer workstation setups. For some, these setups might

30 Beautiful Driftwood Photography for Inspiration

Driftwood photography is one of the most practiced art in the realm of photography. Basically, it is centered around taking photos of driftwood or pieces of deadwood or logs, in an artistic and meaningful fashion. Indeed, remnants of wood are a sight to behold as they lay stranded in a beach. Theirs is a story of a long journey of life from higher ground to their place of repose in a quiet and sandy beach. It’s a fleeting reminder of one’s mortality, or of a transformation of a seemingly immovable objects

20 Awesome Rock Climbing Photography

Rock climbing photography is cool, but before you can take photos of rock climbers in precarious situations, I think it would be motivating to see some inspirational photos. Rock climbing as we know it, is an extreme sport that derives its appeal from the physical difficulty it takes to perform the climb. This sport is quite dangerous as an error in judgment or fault of maneuver would result to serious injuries and occasionally, death. Accidents have been considerably reduced however with the usage of a safety harness. Inspite of which however, rock climbing is

40 Beautiful Street Photography Showcase

Street photography is a type of photography that seeks to portray the subject in candid situations in public places. What makes this genre of photography interesting is that it captures the bustle, the life and the culture of the people in images. It tends to connect to the viewers emotionally in the sense, that there’s more to street photography than the mere visual and technical aspects of a photograph. When looking on it, a well-composed street photo tends to tell something through the facial

20+ Free Android Photography Apps with Awesome Effects

Android phones and tablets have great cameras but just like any other camera, they cannot produce effects right in an instant. To achieve that requires the usage of third party app during post processing. Luckily, there are a lot of Android photography apps these days capable of modifying your photos in a snap. Whether you are looking for an app capable of giving a lomography, vintage, selective color and other effects, you can find an Android app that can deliver what you want on

40 Beautiful Winter Photography Examples and Tutorials

Winter is a time of the year when people prefer to stay indoors as there are nothing much to do outside except for some occasional snowball fight, ice skating, sledding and a few others. If you are photography enthusiast and you are somewhat bored already of the repetitive repertoire of activity that you do inside, why not grab your camera and brave the cold for a wonderful photographic composition? Most likely, you will find it fulfilling especially if you love nature and want to

30+ Wonderful Rainbow Pictures for Inspiration

Rainbows have always been a source of fascination to humans. In fact legends are rich of accounts of rainbows being attributed to supernatural forces. Greek mythology has it that a rainbow is a path made by Iris, the messenger of the gods between Earth and Heaven. Irish mythology on the other hand, has reference to the end of a rainbow as the secret hiding place of a leprechaun’s pot of gold. Meanwhile, the book of Genesis mentions that God put the rainbow in the

15 Amazing Sea Turtle Pictures for Inspiration

Having a firsthand experience to sea turtles while diving is perhaps one of the things that almost everybody wants. The sight of these friendly creatures gliding smoothly in the water is really a sight to behold especially on their natural habitat. Indeed, animal encounters like with sea turtles in this instance, are worthy to be documented and one of the best ways to do it is to capture a photo. To do that requires some special equipment namely a waterproof casing for your camera