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30 Awesome Fur Texture Showcase

Textures are useful in many ways for graphic and web design projects. It can be used as an overlay to add a tactile feel to the design thus making it more attractive, realistic and catchy. They are also used as background in photo manipulation and web templates. In this post we are collecting some of the coolest textures courtesy of our furry friends. This fur texture showcase can be of great use on your designs that involve in on way or another fur coats

50 Dusty Old Paper Texture Showcase

Old paper texture tends to be poetic, full of attitude, or emotion-filled thus it is one of the most wanted textures in graphic and web design. Its brown, dirty, crumpled, torn and sometimes grungy appearance speaks well of the past, that is – the story that makes it appear as it is. If an old paper is taken from an old book, or manuscript, one can always see a vestige of having been stored for ages from its appearance. A tear or crumpled look

30 Great Steel Texture Showcase

Steel is one of the most useful metal and being such, you can see things made of steel almost everywhere. From corrugated steel roof of houses, to steel pipes and railings, to steel cables and heavy manhole covers, the metal is just a ubiquitous thing. For this reason, steel texture is also one of the most wanted among metal textures. If you are a digital artist, perhaps you have experienced in an instance or two where you need a good steel or iron texture

30+ Awesome Smoke Texture Collection

We have seen a lot of digital artworks that make use of smoke texture to enhance the way they look. With some smoke texture as a background or as an overlay, an artist can add an eerie or mysterious feel on his design thus making it more dramatic and meaningful. For today’s post, we are glad to share with some of smokey textures courtesy of some kindhearted individuals from the design and photography community. You can use these items for free on your photo

20 Awesome Sets of Geometric Patterns for Designers

Free geometric patterns can be a nice treat to designers and they are such for a good reason. From time to time, a designer would need patterns or textures for his graphic and web designs, and so it is just right to have such kind of materials on standby. Basically, patterns are useful as website backgrounds and also as overlay in a variety of graphic projects. A texture or pattern can add a tactile feel on a design and it breaks the monotony caused

15 Beautiful and Free Subtle Patterns Collection

Subtle patterns can enhance the look of your designs without drawing to much attention into themselves. If used as background of a website, a subtle pattern can add a tactile feel that tends to be laid back. It is thus, a great thing to use when you want to fill the void while still maintaining the clean and almost minimalist design that you like. In this article, we are showcasing a number of free subtle patterns that you can use on your projects. You