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30 Free Photoshop Tree Brushes

Trees, flowers and other plant elements are frequently portrayed in graphic artworks. Thus, if you are an artist, it helps that you have Photoshop tree brushes right on your graphic software. Instead of rendering trees or any vegetation, you can take a shortcut if you have such tree or foliage brush resources at hand. There are a lot of these brushes in the web and you can download them to be used on your projects. We are sharing some of them in this post

30 Lovely Free Valentine Photoshop Brush Sets

We are almost halfway through the first month of the 2014, and before we know it’s already February – the most anticipated month of lovers. As Valentine’s Day becomes closer, graphic designers become busier as well creating projects in celebration of the day of love. Valentine cards, party flyers, posters, invitations and other loved themed designs become in demand and so it makes sense to be ready to cope with the projects at hand. One of the resources that can help designers finish their

40 Scary Free Halloween Photoshop Brushes

For amateurs and professional designers alike, free Halloween Photoshop brushes are great time-savers in creating scary graphics. From eerie graveyards, pumpkins, skulls, cats and dusty spiderwebs, you can create a horrifying graphic art that you can use to set the mood for an enjoyably scary Halloween party. Luckily, there are a lot of design resources along that line, and such things are what we will be sharing with you in this post. Here, you can find a variety of Photoshop Halloween brushes and the

15 Carefree Summer Photoshop Brushes

Summer is the time of the year when people are most active and this has been highlighted by lots of leisurely activities that take advantage of the warm weather. These is picnic and camping,  kayaking, baseball and of course frolicking in a beach nearby. In line with these activities of course are organized events that almost always call for good graphics that captures the heat, the excitement and joys of summer. If you are a graphic designer, perhaps you have been commissioned to create some summer inspired artworks,

30 Useful Photoshop Cloud Brushes

Photoshop cloud brushes are useful if you want to edit photos or create a graphic or web design that portrays the sky, the condition of the weather or anything along that line.  With a good selection of cloud brushes in your graphic software, you can easily enhance the look of your photos to show some puffy clouds or a stormy weather as portrayed by ominous dark clouds. You will find here all free items that you can use on your artworks. These is a caveat however. Some of these are

40 Horrific Blood Photoshop Brushes for Designers

Blood Photoshop brushes are great items to use to extend your graphic software and make it more capable in creating horror artworks. Whether you are creating a poster for a vampire movie or you want to manipulate a photo to depict a dramatic gore, you will find it useful to use some blood brushes. Not only do they speed up the process of creating the designs but it will make it all the way easy to portray the drips, the splatters and the smudges of

25 Beautiful Photoshop Chain Brushes

Photoshop chain brushes are useful extensions that can shorten the time it takes to create artworks and designs.  Instead of rendering an illustration of a chain right on your artwork, a Photoshop chain brush can do just the same with a few mouse clicks. You can even adjust its size, path and length in a very convenient manner. That’s the beauty of the Photoshop add–on called brushes. They are predesigned in a particular shape, and they can be replicated in countless times. Right now,

40 Sets of Useful Photoshop Arrow Brushes

Photoshop arrow brushes are useful extensions if you are not contented with the default arrow brushes that you can find in the custom shape section of your graphic software. Of course, for simple, and straightforward creations where you want to simply direct your audience to the specific portion of your design, the default shapes are usually enough. To find them, all you have to do is to: 1. Right Click on the rectangle tool at the bottom of Photoshop toolbar. 2. Select Custom Shapes.

15 Illustrator and Photoshop Line Art Brushes and Tutorials

Illustrator and Photoshop line art brushes are some of the useful resources if you want to create line drawings or artworks. Basically, line art is called as such because it is composed of straight or curved lines usually placed in a plain background to portray the subject. Usually, it is monochromatic and as opposed to an illustration embellished with hues and gradients. As an art, line art puts emphasis on the form, outline and the texture. You can find line art used in caricatures,

10 Beautiful Calendar Template Showcase

What is left of year 2012 right now is a little more than a month, or 38 days to be exact. It is still a long time though before the much-awaited New Year’s Day celebrations and even the day of Christmas. This is not necessarily true to graphic designers however. For those who are involved in designing calendars, now is the right time to gather resources and create conceptual ideas for the calendars that they are planning to offer for their clients. Mass printing