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How to Add Custom Font in WordPress

WordPress is a pretty powerful CMS but its default configuration has very limited font options at your disposal. If you want to style your website a bit from the ordinary, you might need to change the typography of your website with unique custom fonts that you have downloaded from a third party source. For an absolute beginner who is still learning the ropes of web development, this tutorial is very helpful is it teaches the basic technique on how to makeover a website. Here’s

30 Ribbon Fonts to Spice Your Designs

As a graphic designer, it is important that you always have something to offer on the table. When you are commissioned to do a project, clients always expect beauty, creativity and uniqueness on your work. One of the things that you can implement to spice your graphic project a little bit is by using some cool fonts. You might already have a library of fonts to use in every conceivable design, but in case you still find your collection lacking, we have a here

35 Beautiful Rounded Fonts for Your Designs

Font contributes a lot to the look and feel of a design. It makes the design appear formal and businesslike in serif and gothic styles, while it appears romantic, friendly and personal in handwritten or cursive variations. If you want to implement fonts for neon signage or otherwise branding purposes, one of the great font styles to use are rounded fonts. There are a lot of these kind of fonts in the web but finding them may not be easy. To make things simple

45 Impressive Big and Bold Fonts for Titles and Headlines

Get your message across easily with these catchy, big and bold fonts that you can download for free. Selecting the proper font for your website or a printed material like a magazine is crucial in getting the attention that you believe it deserves. For titles and headlines, big and bold fonts with a little bit of attitude can grab the eyes of your readers thus nailing your idea right away. In this post, we are compiling some of the great options that you can

35 Beautiful and Free Retro Vintage Fonts for Designers

Free retro vintage fonts that you can grab so you can perfectly illustrate the circumstances or conditions of the past. Along with grungy texture, font is another element of graphic design that you can use to make your work exude the look and feel of the bygone era. There are free retro-vintage fonts that you can find on the web and we are sharing some of them in this post. Whether it you want to convey the medieval period, the roaring twenties, the turbulent thirties

20 Cool Typewriter Fonts Up for Grabs

Typography is one of the essential aspects of graphic design and this involves the selection of fonts appropriate to the work at hand. For those who want to integrate a vintage feel on their designs, one of the typefaces that the font system that they can use are typewriter fonts. They are reminiscent of the days when computers are non existent thus they speak really well of the bygone eras. If you are looking for such fonts for your design, check this awesome collection typewriter fonts and

30 Beautiful Thin Fonts You Can Have

Fonts are one of the frequently used items in graphic and web designs. There are a lot of them that you can find in the web but finding the font that matches the theme and the look and feel of your design is not easy. It takes some time to search for them and integrate them on a design. It is common to find a font to be attractive but when you reduce it to its desired size, it doesn’t look good or legible. Sometimes it just doesn’t support the overall design setup. It

45 Great Square Fonts for Designers

Fonts are some of the essential resources in graphic and web design. You will have to decide what font to use for your posters and flyers, for your titles, descriptions and body text. Basically, you choose your font based on a number of factors. These includes readability, its applicability to the theme and its impact to the look and feel of the design. For a strong, rigid and impersonal appearance, you can use square fonts. Unlike rounded fonts, square fonts tend to look stiff and unforgiving with their sharp

40 Professional Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphy fonts are common in graphic design. From billboards to posters, signages and other artworks, you can see hand calligraphic or handcrafted typography to be used from time to time. Right now, you can find calligraphic fonts in the web but searching for them may not prove a breeze. To help you a little, we are showcasing here some of these hand created fonts so you will not have to scour the web space to hunt for such resources. Just like the others we

40 Cuddlesome Kids Font Collection for Designers

Whether you are working on a poster, a flyer, a logo or website intended for children, you will need a kids font for your typography needs. With a look and feel that particularly reminds us of our childhood, kids’ fonts are specially appealing to the youngsters. In general, child fonts tend to be playful. Whether it is inspired from a typical penmanship of a grade schooler or from a cartoon illustration, a kids’ font is a always a draw to young individuals. In this