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75 Beautiful Free Business Card PSD Templates

With basic knowledge of Photoshop, one can create a printable hand out of his contact information using one of the free business card PSD templates. Nowadays, there is a decreasing demand for books, newspapers, photos and other informative materials in printed form. These things can now be stored, distributed and consumed all in their digital format. There is one printed material whose importance is not affected by the digitization trend of communication however – the good ole business card. Business cards are convenient, reliable and effective in conveying one’s information to another using only a tiny piece of paper. Indeed, there is warmth and congeniality involved

40 Creative Camera Logo Designs for Inspiration

A camera, being an unmistakable symbol of photography is what photographers often use for their logos. Camera logo designs are needless to say, associated with photography, and so very easy to remember. For a logo design to shine, it has to be catchy and creative while retaining the telltale signs that say it stands for a photography business. There is no limit to art and creativity that is why there is also an unlimited number of ways by which a camera can be depicted

20 Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

Worried that your phone will sustain injury, or the usual wear and tear? Dirt, dents, scratches and all? These Samsung Galaxy S5 cases will provide the optimum protection you need on your precious gadget. Samsung has released its newest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it immediately becomes one of the most wanted gadget in the planet. Thanks to the innovation it brings to the table, the Samsung S5 is the best selling phone in the Android world. Among others, the phone’s water resistant

40 Cool Metro Style Websites for Inspiration

Microsoft has popularized the metro design trend with the release of its flagship operating system Windows 8. Basically, metro UI design is characterized by its reliance on fonts or typography and as opposed to graphic elements. On the surface, you will notice that metro style websites have big, catchy texts in flat solid colors. This is the defining feature of metro design technique. This is considered by Microsoft as a respite from the icon based UI designs that has been prevalent in the web.

65+ Beautiful Fullscreen Websites for Inspiration

Right now, you can see a number of fullscreen websites from diverse range of niches and industries. As its name suggest, these websites fully occupy the entire screen. The trend certainly springs from the fact that big images and a unique design often arouse more interest from the viewers and so it is a viable marketing approach. With the traditional web design consisting of sidebars and predictable navigation setup taking the vast majority, innovative web practices such as fullscreen and parallax scrolling are a welcome development. To give you some inspiration, I am showcasing some of

30 Creative Error 404 HTML Templates

Having a beautiful and engaging error 404 page on a website can do a lot in helping your visitors stay and read more of your contents. Instead of displaying the default 404 page with nothing but white page and bland text, you can do a little marketing by integrating skillfully designed error 404 HTML templates on your websites. There a lot of it in the web but searching for them definitely would take time. This post is showcasing some of these interesting error page

60 Awesome Flat Website Designs for Inspiration

Right now, flat website designs are all around the web and its popularity does not appear to be declining. Basically, flat websites tend to be simple, clear and straightforward as opposed to intricate realism advocated by skeuomorphism. Instead of beveled edges, gradients, shadows, reflections and realistic textures, flat websites use solid colors, simple typography, icons and UI elements. Rather than exude a three-dimensional effect on its interface elements, a lot of flat web designs employ parallax scrolling and visual clarity to draw the audience.

40+ Creative Flat Logo Designs for Inspiration

One of the trends in graphic arts inspired by minimalism is the adoption of flat logo designs. Basically, the features that distinguish flat designs from others, eg. skeuomorphic designs, is the apparent lack of gradients, 3D effects, embossing and shadows. Instead, the artist uses solid colors to come up with simple yet powerful graphic work. From usability perspective, flat designs in web templates, logos and other graphic creations offer an easy-to-understand message to the audience. Their appeal of course is drawn from their simplicity

25+ Awesome Adobe Fireworks Tutorials for Design Geeks

Proficiency in two or more graphic software is always better than knowledge with one. To help you with the learning curve, we are rounding up some of the great Adobe Fireworks Tutorials. Adobe has a great line of products and some of the most popular are Photoshop and Illustrator. Among its line of graphic software is of course, Adobe Fireworks. While not as popular as Photoshop, this application packs the same power and capabilities. It can give you PSD files, export web page designs

45 Impressive Big and Bold Fonts for Titles and Headlines

Get your message across easily with these catchy, big and bold fonts that you can download for free. Selecting the proper font for your website or a printed material like a magazine is crucial in getting the attention that you believe it deserves. For titles and headlines, big and bold fonts with a little bit of attitude can grab the eyes of your readers thus nailing your idea right away. In this post, we are compiling some of the great options that you can