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15 Beautiful Horizontal Scrolling WordPress Themes

Many designers and other creative individuals use horizontal scrolling WordPress themes to differentiate their online presence from the others with conventional navigation setup. Horizontal scrolling in web design is not a commonplace phenomenon. Right now its use can be seen in the portfolios of some of some artists who see their website as a demonstration of their creative abilities. Since it is not a mainstream practice in web design, those who embrace horizontal scrolling are living the impression that someday it will gain widespread

30 Helpful PSD to HTML and CSS Tutorials

These PSD to HTML and CSS tutorials can surely help you acquire the rudimentary knowledge in becoming a web developer without spending anything except time and effort. Converting a PSD mock up into codes is a crucial step in creating a website and so a lot of learning materials about it have been published online. Depending on your preference, you can search for video tutorials with live explanations from their creators or you can go for text based resources that lay down the codes

55 Best One Page WordPress Themes

If you find traditional web design to be a bit bland, using one page WordPress themes on your websites can definitely make them more interesting than they use to be. Conventional web design setup where separate page exists for every navigation link has been around since time immemorial. From the perspective of accessibility and user experience, this presentation style demands that the user click the navigation link before it can be loaded. Basically, this means that each time you click your website’s navigation, a page is loaded which takes time to appear on the browser window. With one page WordPress themes,

40 of the Best WordPress Slider Plugin Collection

With a WordPress slider plugin, you can showcase the important contents of your website in a catchy and professional method. This becomes possible using only a small portion of your website’s precious real estate. Basically, a slider offers a lot advantages on your website because it allows you to have an animated display of featured articles or blog posts, photos and images of artworks and many more, in one place. Right now, you will see sliders in a diverse range of websites, from corporate

30 Great Automotive WordPress Themes and HTML Templates

Automotive WordPress Themes are special breed of themes designed to meet the needs of websites dedicated to car dealership, car review, showcase or car blogging site. While any other WordPress theme can be used to handle different types of websites, special themes created just for specific products will prove advantageous. An automobile WordPress theme for example, have features that exist natively on the theme. There is no need for you to buy a plugin just to meet the specific requirement that you need for

20 Amazing Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

Enhance your graphic designing skills by following these Christmas Photoshop tutorials. The yuletide season is coming and it will be the time of the year when people go festive with decorations such as Christmas trees, lights, bells, candles, reindeer and many more. Also, people have this tradition of giving Christmas cards and putting on a cool Christmas wallpaper right on their desktops. Creating artworks featuring these elements however, requires skill in using a graphic software. For artists who are working to enhance their skills

70 of the Best Responsive WordPress Magazine Themes

Want to start an online magazine or news website? Check this collection of the some of the best responsive WordPress magazine themes. Right now, an increasing number of webmasters are switching to responsive web design primarily to provide better browsing experience to the users of mobile internet devices. With millions of tablets and smartphones sold worldwide it is but wise to keep your website adaptive across a wide range of screen sizes and view ports. After all, a lot of mobile internet users are

30 Amazing Christmas Wallpapers For Your Desktop

The holiday season is in the air. Grab these Christmas wallpapers and use them on your desktop! Halloween is over and people are starting to look forward for the Christmas season. Right now, many are doing away with pumpkins and witches and begin to think of Christmas Trees, snowmen and the enduring Santa Claus. For graphic designers who will be likely engaged in Christmas design jobs, now is the ideal time to prepare for the influx of projects. There are a lot of free Christmas icons that can be integrated on the design and there

30 Spooky Halloween Photoshop Tutorials

Learn how to make hair raising graphic designs by following these Halloween Photoshop tutorials. In a couple of days, there will be Halloween costume parties and this will not be complete without scary artworks that set the mood of everybody for the occasion. For budding artists, such decorations offer an opportunity to learn how to create terrifying posters, t-shirts, invitation cards, wallpapers and other designs. If want to know the specific techniques, or the process on how to create scary photo manipulations, you will

40 Creative Chicken Logo Designs for Inspiration

If you want to start a restaurant that specializes on serving chicken dishes, chances are, you also looking for chicken logo designs that can serve as inspirations of your brand identity. A logo is important in any business at it serves as a symbol what product or service does the company provides. Basically, through its logo you can easily distinguish one brand over its competitors, making it an effective marketing and recognition tool. Because logos are intended to help customers remember the brand during the time of purchase, it is