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20 Helpful HTML5 and CSS3 Form Tutorials

The web design and development landscape has changed drastically thanks for the new possibilities brought about by HTML5 and CSS3 on the table. With CSS3, you can do more beyond the usual styling through gradients, drop shadows and rounded corners. These allows you to write a more semantic and streamlined codes supported by major browsers. Right now, HTML5 and CSS3 are pretty much employed by web developers and they are actively used in creating a variety of web forms among others. If you want

60 Awesome Flat Website Designs for Inspiration

Right now, flat website designs are all around the web and its popularity does not appear to be declining. Basically, flat websites tend to be simple, clear and straightforward as opposed to intricate realism advocated by skeuomorphism. Instead of beveled edges, gradients, shadows, reflections and realistic textures, flat websites use solid colors, simple typography, icons and UI elements. Rather than exude a three-dimensional effect on its interface elements, a lot of flat web designs employ parallax scrolling and visual clarity to draw the audience.

15 Amazing Collapsible Slide Panel jQuery Plugins

Hiding additional information on a website and showing them when necessary can be implemented using these slide panel jQuery plugins. The use of collapsible user interface elements that show additional navigation links, social media buttons, graphic and textual contents is a common practice in web design. Recently, with responsive web design in full swing, this technique that has been adopted by Facebook to fit its navigation menu in mobile browsers.  This move of course have lead to other websites adopting the technique giving way

40+ Awesome jQuery Image Zoom Plugins and Tutorials

Providing a mechanism on your website in which your readers can enlarge an image or a certain portion of it, can be done without much coding using these jQuery image zoom plugins. A picture paints a thousand words and so it means a lot to the readers of your website. For reasons of clarity, you may want to showcase big photos but such is not possible all the time due to limited space on your web pages. To serve detailed photographs without sacrificing your

50 Best Free and Premium Shopify Themes for Online Stores

Starting a reliable, professional, and good-looking online store is now a breeze using some of the best Shopify themes. Among the popular e-commerce platforms, Shopify stands out from the rest in the sense that is has novel features brought on the table. One of the unique features that Shopify is known about, is the full hosting it is offering to its clients. Unlike the open-source e-commerce platforms Magento and Prestashop, Shopify is a monthly-paid service that favors businesses who don’t want to get their

40 of the Best Blogger Templates

Google’s Blogger is one the well-known free blogging services available along with WordPress and Tumblr and it can be customized easily using some of the best Blogger templates currently in circulation. Among the content managements services (CMS) right now, Blogger is a solution that allows you to create a decent website for free and with less technical hassle. For beginners, it is an ideal solution because there is no need to spend for the hosting or even bandwidth since all content is stored in

40+ Creative Flat Logo Designs for Inspiration

One of the trends in graphic arts inspired by minimalism is the adoption of flat logo designs. Basically, the features that distinguish flat designs from others, eg. skeuomorphic designs, is the apparent lack of gradients, 3D effects, embossing and shadows. Instead, the artist uses solid colors to come up with simple yet powerful graphic work. From usability perspective, flat designs in web templates, logos and other graphic creations offer an easy-to-understand message to the audience. Their appeal of course is drawn from their simplicity

25+ Awesome Adobe Fireworks Tutorials for Design Geeks

Proficiency in two or more graphic software is always better than knowledge with one. To help you with the learning curve, we are rounding up some of the great Adobe Fireworks Tutorials. Adobe has a great line of products and some of the most popular are Photoshop and Illustrator. Among its line of graphic software is of course, Adobe Fireworks. While not as popular as Photoshop, this application packs the same power and capabilities. It can give you PSD files, export web page designs

50 of the Best Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins

Aside from presenting content in an organized fashion, these responsive jQuery slider plugins are also great adornment for websites thus making them catchy and interesting. Responsive jQuery slider plugins are widely used now primarily to meet the need of mobile internet users for a more convenient web browsing. For webmasters, a responsive jQuery slider can enable them to showcase the featured contents of their websites, and other key information. Right now you can see sliders on online portfolio of photographers and artists, corporate websites,

40+ Glamorous Clothing and Fashion WordPress Themes

Want to start a blog about the latest clothing style? Or an online store to sell fashion items? This post featuring some of the best clothing and fashion WordPress themes is for you. The internet has been a boon to businesses and its impact is more profound in electronic gadgets and fashion brands. Basically, the web has helped a lot in delivering the latest fads and styles of the day now than ever before. With all the famous brand names all maintaining a web