Jupiter WordPress Theme Review – Design and Functionality Revealed

There are countless WordPress themes currently circulation but only few can be considered masterpieces worth keeping. These are the elite, the all star of their kind. Themes which are highly versatile and powerful that you can add functionality and create different layouts in a matter of minutes. One of these is Jupiter WordPress theme. I have been using this theme for a number of websites I created for my clients and my experience so far is remarkable. My clients are impressed with the design it can transform to, and they always appreciate the fact that I was able to finish their websites earlier than expected.

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As a developer, it makes me happy because I don’t have to write lengthy codes to deliver what my clients want. Jupiter takes care of every aspect of functionality and design through its backend. All you have to do is to configure the parameters in its theme options and create custom CSS, and PHP functions only as a last option. Later, I will delve into the specific features of this theme so for now, take a glimpse of its numerous design possibilities.

Layout Options

In general, Jupiter follows the flat design philosophy pervasive in web right now. It also has a parallax effect that you can turn and off depending on your personal taste. Its responsive design also makes it convenient to view regardless of the size of your browser. Because it is multi-purpose, it has configurations that you can call on in a snap. You can find a layout for business and corporate presence, photography and creative portfolios, blog and e-commerce applications.

Default Layout

The default configuration of this theme flaunts a design unlike any other. It features full width layout, sticky header, parallax slider, call to action buttons and gallery showcase among others. You can tweak it all you want through its visual composer.


Locaste Layout

Aside from its default design, Jupiter also has templates that you can implement for it’s layout. The image below is Locaste. It is a grid style, scrollable gallery with lightbox function.


Eurydome Template

A full-width, gallery WordPress theme with grid layout and a sticky header.



Pasiphae displays artworks and photos in an unconventional masonry style.


Ganymede Template

This template displays photos in big sizes. It also has a user friendly right sidebar layout to boot. Also, you have choices among classic layout, masonry, grid and single portfolio.


Metis Template

Metis is an attractive template ideal for freelance and agency websites.


Megaclyte Template

This template has a clean and attractive Pinterest style layout that bloggers will love.


Sponde Template

Another configuration that fits perfectly for an agency website or a business offering services is this template of Jupiter WordPress theme. It features a full-width layout, slider, portfolio section and a lot more.


Callisto Template

Callisto has a simple yet attractive layout that you can use to present your business in the web in style.


Sinope Template

Sinope is another configuration of the theme focused on giving artists and agencies a website they can truly be proud of.


Himalia Template

Himalia is a template that presents content with an extra flare. It has a big slider, parallax effects and a killer full-width layout.


Europa Template

Europa is a Jupiter template targeted towards bars and restaurants. Proof that this WordPress theme is highly versatile.


Praxidike Template

Praxidike is an e-commerce layout that you can use for your web shops.


Euanthe Template

Euanthe is a layout suited for business and corporate presence. In the illustration, it is designed to cater the needs of a school or university website.



Visual Composer

Jupiter WordPress theme has a rich backend systems that you can use to create any layout that you can conceive. One of the most useful is its Visual composer. It has a numerous collection of content blocks, typography elements, slideshows, social media interfaces and widgets that you can use to display whatever you want on your website. It makes Jupiter very versatile.


Also, it is very easy to use. All you have to do is to add a row and select the visual element that you want to implement.


Theme Options

This part of the theme not only allows you to add logos, Google analytics code, and tweak the styling of your website but do a lot more. You can adjust the layout of its header, set its typography, define the sidebar and more.



This theme has an integrated Layerslider and well as Revolution slider plugin. It also has a Flexslider and Edge Slider to boot. For e-commerce applications, it also WooCommerce.


Extra Classes and IDs

On its visual composer functionality, you can add extra classes and IDs on your content and interface elements so you can style if further in your custom CSS.


Other Noteworthy Features

This theme also has a dummy content that you can import so you can design your content fast and easy. It also has a rich contact form that you can setup to gather information that you need from your client. Further, it has shortcodes to drop a visual element you need and font options to suit your taste for beautiful typography. You can also integrate parallax effect on this theme. It also has a clear documentation and child theme file that comes upon download.


Jupiter WordPress theme is one of the most versatile theme around in the web now. You can use to create just about any type of website that you need. All these with minimal coding involve since it has a rich backend that you can tweak to your heart’s content.

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