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20 Best Ghost Themes for Blogging

Want a leaner, easy to use CMS that help writers become efficient in their craft? Introducing Ghost. A blogging platform developed to help publishers share their story to the world in a breeze. Here are some of the best Ghost themes to help you choose your blog’s design. Ghost is an emerging CMS which is built just for blogging. Verily, the primary author of Ghost, John O’Nolan envisions his CMS to be a simpler solution than WordPress, the now multi-purpose software that first started

30 Simple and Minimalist Shopify Themes for E-Commerce

Your products ought to be the center of attraction of your e-commerce website and these minimalist Shopify themes can help you achieve that. Building and maintaining an e-commerce website involves a certain level of knowledge in web development, web design and site optimization. Such level of technical proficiency is oftentimes minimal if not lacking among entrepreneurs, and so this makes the hiring of professional web developers necessary. Good thing there is Shopify. It is an innovative platform that  focuses on providing a clean, simple

20 Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases

Worried that your phone will sustain injury, or the usual wear and tear? Dirt, dents, scratches and all? These Samsung Galaxy S5 cases will provide the optimum protection you need on your precious gadget. Samsung has released its newest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it immediately becomes one of the most wanted gadget in the planet. Thanks to the innovation it brings to the table, the Samsung S5 is the best selling phone in the Android world. Among others, the phone’s water resistant