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50 of the Best Real Estate WordPress Themes

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business and the real estate sector is one of the industries that uses the web to its advantage. With real estate WordPress themes readily available in the marketplace, it is now very easy for realtors and their agents to build a web presence and deal with their clients. All these at a minimal cost and technical know-how. Real Estate WordPress Themes WordPress has evolved to dominate the web space mainly because of its ease of use,

30 Ribbon Fonts to Spice Your Designs

As a graphic designer, it is important that you always have something to offer on the table. When you are commissioned to do a project, clients always expect beauty, creativity and uniqueness on your work. One of the things that you can implement to spice your graphic project a little bit is by using some cool fonts. You might already have a library of fonts to use in every conceivable design, but in case you still find your collection lacking, we have a here

35+ Best Classified Ads Directory WordPress Themes

Starting a website that help people find establishments that offer solutions to their problems is now a breeze using listing, classified ads and directory WordPress themes. Most people nowadays turn to the internet to find companies that offer products and services they need. Whether they want a plumber, a termite exterminator, a restaurant, a lawyer, a dentist or anything along this line, they rely on the internet to lead them where they want to. In their search, if they are lucky, they can find

65 Romantic Wedding WordPress Themes and HTML Templates

If you want to disseminate information about your marriage, one of the cost effective way to do so is by starting a website. You can get this done easily by using wedding WordPress themes. Whether your wedding is still on a planning stage or had already been consummated, wedding web templates are great ways to tell the whole world about the special affair in your life. A pre-wedding website can be a good platform to inform and invite your friends, relatives and guests about

40 Cool Metro Style Websites for Inspiration

Microsoft has popularized the metro design trend with the release of its flagship operating system Windows 8. Basically, metro UI design is characterized by its reliance on fonts or typography and as opposed to graphic elements. On the surface, you will notice that metro style websites have big, catchy texts in flat solid colors. This is the defining feature of metro design technique. This is considered by Microsoft as a respite from the icon based UI designs that has been prevalent in the web.

30 Responsive Free WordPress Blog Themes

Responsive web design has become so entrenched right now that developers are following a mobile-first approach in creating websites. This is because of the fact that a huge chunk of internet users are now using mobile devices to surf the web. This trend has resulted to the creation of responsive WordPress themes that adapt to different browser sizes and viewports. Right now, there are lot of responsive WordPress themes but finding the ones which are free and specially designed for blogs is a bit

35 Beautiful Rounded Fonts for Your Designs

Font contributes a lot to the look and feel of a design. It makes the design appear formal and businesslike in serif and gothic styles, while it appears romantic, friendly and personal in handwritten or cursive variations. If you want to implement fonts for neon signage or otherwise branding purposes, one of the great font styles to use are rounded fonts. There are a lot of these kind of fonts in the web but finding them may not be easy. To make things simple

35+ Great vCard WordPress Theme Collection

A vCard WordPress theme is a great template to use if you want to build a web presence that will promote your professional services. Unlike a vCard HTML template, this online resume, takes advantage of the WordPress dashboard and admin interface to manage the contents and the look and feel of the website. You can easily change the fonts, the color of your background, add logos and images without going under the hood. Essential Parts of a vCard WordPress Theme Being an online resume,