30 Free Photoshop Tree Brushes

Trees, flowers and other plant elements are frequently portrayed in graphic artworks. Thus, if you are an artist, it helps that you have Photoshop tree brushes right on your graphic software. Instead of rendering trees or any vegetation, you can take a shortcut if you have such tree or foliage brush resources at hand. There are a lot of these brushes in the web and you can download them to be used on your projects. We are sharing some of them in this post so you need not have to search somewhere else. All of these are free download but it not necessarily for commercial use. Be sure to read the rules set forth by their authors for proper guidance as to its use. Otherwise, enjoy!

Trees Photoshop Brushes

A set of brushes made up of various trees. Includes: bonsai, a palm, numerous dead or leafless trees, tons of “leafy” trees, several pines, a few oriental trees, and a willow.


VISIT SOURCE – by Redheadstock

Tree Silhouette Brushes

A set containing 13 high resolution brushes created with Photoshop CS5.


VISIT SOURCE – by kuschelirmel-stock

Complete Tree Brush Pack

This set tree brushes includes bamboo, dead branches, dead trees, winter pear trees, fir trees, maple trees, cherry trees, palm trees, coconut trees, papyrus and more.


VISIT SOURCE – by Horhew

Tree and Lightning Brushes

A pack of Photoshop brushes consisting of trees and lightning.


VISIT SOURCE – by FantasyBrushes

Roots and Leaves Brush Pack

A collection of root, leaf and tree brushes for your artworks. There are created using Photoshop CS3.




VISIT SOURCE – by Winerla

Hi-Res Tree Brushes

19 High Resolution tree brushes.


VISIT SOURCE – by blackbelt777

Tree Borders Brushes 2

A collection of different tree brushes for Photoshop.


VISIT SOURCE – by ForestGirlStock

Tree Brushes Set 2

Useful set of a various trees, shrubs and plants.


VISIT SOURCE – by Falln-Brushes

Creepy Tree Brushes

A pack of eerie tree brushes for scary art projects.


VISIT SOURCE – by deathoflight

Creepy Tree Brushes

Creepy tree brushes created in Photoshop CS2.


VISIT SOURCE – by NotPeople-Stock

Fall and Winter Tree Brushes

This pack contains some trees you will find in the mountains such as maples, conifers etc. There are also some dead trees.


VISIT SOURCE – by just-Nate

Tree Foliage Brushes

A pack of six tree/foliage brushes, and a couple of ornate sticks made in Photoshop CS2.


VISIT SOURCE – by exchanged-stock

Tree Brushes

A brush pack containing a number trees.


VISIT SOURCE – by LadyVictoire

Tree Visions Photoshop Brushes

A collection of 21 tree brushes for Photoshop.


VISIT SOURCE – by Bound by Leather

Tree Brushes

Pack of 8 Tree Brushes made in PhotoShop 7.0


VISIT SOURCE – by ki-cek

Fairy Tale Tree Brushes

A set of tree brushes for your fairy tale themed artworks.


VISIT SOURCE – by altergromit

Photoshop brushes 6

A set of 14 brushes.


VISIT SOURCE – by greenday862

Trees and Sticks PS Brushes

17 hi-res tree and branch brushes.


VISIT SOURCE – by derangedhyena

Palm Tree Brushes

A set of different palm tree brushes.


VISIT SOURCE – by LadyVictoire

Tree Brushes

An assortment of 10 Photoshop tree brushes.


VISIT SOURCE – by Coby17

Revised Tree Brushes 1

A pack Photoshop brushes of various trees trees.


VISIT SOURCE – by LadyVictoire

Photoshop Brushes 5

A set of 20 Photoshop brushes of trees.


VISIT SOURCE – by greenday862

Tree Brushes 1

This contains dramatic tree brushes for your creative projects.


VISIT SOURCE – by LadyVictoire

Spanish Moss Brushes

A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various shapes of Spanish moss. Spanish moss is that beautiful moss that you see hanging from various trees in the tropics, swamps, etc. This comes in clumps, dangling tendrils and loops.


VISIT SOURCE – by redheadstock

Trees and leaves brushes

A set of 32 brushes, trunks, leafage, leaves and a bonus teddy bear.


VISIT SOURCE – by nicolas-gouny-art

Tree Brushes v1

A set of various tree brushes.


VISIT SOURCE – by King-Billy

Tree Brushes

A brush set with 20 different trees for PhotoShop.


VISIT SOURCE – by Silver

30 PS HighRes Tree Brushes

A collection of 30 photoshop brushes of different kinds of trees.


VISIT SOURCE – by zigshot82

Palm Tree Brushes

18 Palm Tree Silhouette Brushes. Some are vector rasters for smoother results.


VISIT SOURCE – by KeepWaiting

15 African Tree Brushes

A wonderful lineup of brushes from trees endemic in Africa. The trees include baobab, umbrella thorn, marula, moremi, dead trees, a tropical tree.




VISIT SOURCE – by charfade

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