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45 Impressive Big and Bold Fonts for Titles and Headlines

Get your message across easily with these catchy, big and bold fonts that you can download for free. Selecting the proper font for your website or a printed material like a magazine is crucial in getting the attention that you believe it deserves. For titles and headlines, big and bold fonts with a little bit of attitude can grab the eyes of your readers thus nailing your idea right away. In this post, we are compiling some of the great options that you can

30 Great Automotive WordPress Themes and HTML Templates

Automotive WordPress Themes are special breed of themes designed to meet the needs of websites dedicated to car dealership, car review, showcase or car blogging site. While any other WordPress theme can be used to handle different types of websites, special themes created just for specific products will prove advantageous. An automobile WordPress theme for example, have features that exist natively on the theme. There is no need for you to buy a plugin just to meet the specific requirement that you need for

45 Splendid Twitter Bootstrap HTML Templates

There are a lot of great Twitter Bootstrap HTML Templates that you can use right now to build powerful websites fast and easy. The development framework, Twitter Bootstrap has exploded in popularity because of the amazing possibilities it brings on the web design table. For one it allows developers to make applications and websites that adopt to different browser sizes and viewports. Indeed, with Twitter Bootstrap, you can create mobile-friendly websites faster with its several utility classes. Also, you can take advantage of default

20 Amazing Christmas Photoshop Tutorials

Enhance your graphic designing skills by following these Christmas Photoshop tutorials. The yuletide season is coming and it will be the time of the year when people go festive with decorations such as Christmas trees, lights, bells, candles, reindeer and many more. Also, people have this tradition of giving Christmas cards and putting on a cool Christmas wallpaper right on their desktops. Creating artworks featuring these elements however, requires skill in using a graphic software. For artists who are working to enhance their skills

50 Beautiful Music WordPress Themes

These music WordPress themes can help you create a website for your band thus reaching out to your audience and maximizing your market potential at the same time. One of the highly effective public relations and marketing tools nowadays, are social media fan pages and business websites. While social media can provide information about the products and the recent updates of a business, it suffers a drawback of limited space on which to post promotional campaigns. With a website you can post lengthy stories

35 Beautiful and Free Retro Vintage Fonts for Designers

Free retro vintage fonts that you can grab so you can perfectly illustrate the circumstances or conditions of the past. Along with grungy texture, font is another element of graphic design that you can use to make your work exude the look and feel of the bygone era. There are free retro-vintage fonts that you can find on the web and we are sharing some of them in this post. Whether it you want to convey the medieval period, the roaring twenties, the turbulent thirties

70 of the Best Responsive WordPress Magazine Themes

Want to start an online magazine or news website? Check this collection of the some of the best responsive WordPress magazine themes. Right now, an increasing number of webmasters are switching to responsive web design primarily to provide better browsing experience to the users of mobile internet devices. With millions of tablets and smartphones sold worldwide it is but wise to keep your website adaptive across a wide range of screen sizes and view ports. After all, a lot of mobile internet users are

30 Amazing Christmas Wallpapers For Your Desktop

The holiday season is in the air. Grab these Christmas wallpapers and use them on your desktop! Halloween is over and people are starting to look forward for the Christmas season. Right now, many are doing away with pumpkins and witches and begin to think of Christmas Trees, snowmen and the enduring Santa Claus. For graphic designers who will be likely engaged in Christmas design jobs, now is the ideal time to prepare for the influx of projects. There are a lot of free Christmas icons that can be integrated on the design and there

80+ Best Photography WordPress Themes To Amaze Your Audience

Creating a beautiful and professional website to showcase your photos and attract prospective clients is now a breeze with some of the best photography WordPress themes. Showcasing your photos online is the best way to make them seen and appreciated by others. For amateur and professional photographers alike, this really matters since it would provide them with a means to create opportunities to monetize their craft. While there a lot of photo hosting websites such as Flickr and Photobucket that can give a photographer