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30 Spooky Halloween Photoshop Tutorials

Learn how to make hair raising graphic designs by following these Halloween Photoshop tutorials. In a couple of days, there will be Halloween costume parties and this will not be complete without scary artworks that set the mood of everybody for the occasion. For budding artists, such decorations offer an opportunity to learn how to create terrifying posters, t-shirts, invitation cards, wallpapers and other designs. If want to know the specific techniques, or the process on how to create scary photo manipulations, you will

10+ Great jQuery Typography Plugins to Enhance Your Website

If you find pure CSS and HTML to be wanting in giving you control over the fonts of your web design, these jQuery typography plugins allow you to tweak your web texts like never before. Beautiful typography is an essential part of a good web design. It can either enhance or ruin user interface and so attention must be paid on to ensure that it is pleasant and readable. Unfortunately, despite of the text customization possibilities brought about by @font-face and Google Fonts, definitive

40+ Awesome Retro Vintage WordPress Themes

If you want to adopt the graphic design styles and trends of the last century on your website, there are retro vintage WordPress themes that perfectly portray the distinct nuances of the era. Having that old handmade feel on your website is something that you can do to stand out from the rest. For your website to exude that classic, old feel, you can use retro vintage texture, typography, background, color scheme and even icons. Basically, this design style is influenced by the hand

60+ Amazing Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Theme Collection

The popularity of  Twitter Bootstrap WordPress theme has been on the rise and it is due to the convenience that the Bootstrap framework brings to the lives of web developers in creating beautiful and superbly functional websites. From the development perspective, Twitter Bootstrap makes it easy to create web applications with great features through its modules. Basically, Twitter Bootstrap is collection of CSS and HTML, as well as JavaScript templates from Twitter that you can build upon to create your own project. It has

40 Creative Chicken Logo Designs for Inspiration

If you want to start a restaurant that specializes on serving chicken dishes, chances are, you also looking for chicken logo designs that can serve as inspirations of your brand identity. A logo is important in any business at it serves as a symbol what product or service does the company provides. Basically, through its logo you can easily distinguish one brand over its competitors, making it an effective marketing and recognition tool. Because logos are intended to help customers remember the brand during the time of purchase, it is

50 Enticing Restaurant WordPress Themes

Restaurant WordPress themes are special class of themes that you can use on a website that focuses on selling food. Basically, the things that set these themes apart are the special features and functions that cannot be found in other kind of WordPress themes.  Unlike other themes, restaurant WordPress themes should not only have an enticing layout and design but also food menu section or template. Also, other essential features are Google Maps to help customers find the location of the restaurant, reservation form,

40 Scary Free Halloween Photoshop Brushes

For amateurs and professional designers alike, free Halloween Photoshop brushes are great time-savers in creating scary graphics. From eerie graveyards, pumpkins, skulls, cats and dusty spiderwebs, you can create a horrifying graphic art that you can use to set the mood for an enjoyably scary Halloween party. Luckily, there are a lot of design resources along that line, and such things are what we will be sharing with you in this post. Here, you can find a variety of Photoshop Halloween brushes and the

50+ Awesome WooCommerce WordPress Themes

There has been an increase in online store transactions for the past few years as small business owners are starting webshops using easy-to-manage solutions like WooCommerce WordPress themes. Choosing a platform for your online store depends on your needs and your technical skill. If you are planning to start a massive e-commerce machine, Magento is a way to go with is its marvelous scalability and other powerful features. Behind its splendid performance however lies the steeper learning curve required to setup, develop and maintain a Magento website. Indeed, there is a general

40+ Trendy Infinite Scrolling WordPress Themes

The popularity of infinite scrolling WordPress themes nowadays is on the rise not only in websites engaged in social media networking but also in online portfolios, blogs and even news websites. Basically, the thing that makes an infinite scrolling WordPress theme an in-demand commodity is its automatic content loading feature. Also, its capability to display additional content without opening another page. User Experience in Infinite Scrolling Those who use infinite scrolling on their websites do so because they believe that it can provide a

20+ Great Free WordPress Dashboard Plugins for Better Blogging

Enhance your website admin panel and make it more useful with these free WordPress dashboard plugins. As a blogger, you are probably spending a great deal of time on managing your website through its WordPress admin panel. From its dashboard, you can access a lot of WordPress features which are essentially enough to maintain your website in top shape. For those who are looking for more power, they can actually integrate more functions as WordPress is a pretty much easy to extend. Whether you want to have