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10+ Great Free Infinite Scrolling jQuery Plugins

If you want to implement automatic loading of content on your website just like Facebook and Twitter, these free infinite scrolling jQuery plugins are very useful. A trend that hit the web recently is the use of infinite scrolling in web design. As the name suggests, it gives and impression of endless scrolling as it loads the content of a website automatically once the user reaches the bottom of a web page. Basically, it eschews traditional navigation setup since it replaces numbered pagination. This

30 Great Lawyer WordPress Themes

Lawyer WordPress themes are special breed of website templates that cater the needs of attorneys, judges, arbiters, adjudicators and other law professionals. Just like other individuals offering their services, those in the law profession also need a website. Basically, since such websites are akin to corporate online presence of companies so they do not really have to possess complex design and interface. They only have to be professional in appearance, have an easy navigation, and they must contain a rich content including a mention about their expertise, contact information and more. In this post,

20+ Beautiful Free PSD Logo Templates You Can Use

Creating a logo demands both skill and time and so for those who lack both, these free PSD logo templates can definitely provide them with a professional logos for their company. Right now, there are a lot of design agencies offering to create logos for the public and they cost between half hundred to a few thousand dollars. For individuals and businesses with very little budget, this price can be prohibitive. While you can create your own logo, there is a likelihood that what you have crafted would look

20 Great jQuery Modal Popup Plugins

To draw the attention of your audience towards the specific part of your website, entails the use of jQuery modal popup plugins. Modal windows are ubiquitous features in web design nowadays. By floating the information above the page while fading the rest of the content, modal window effectively draws the attention of the reader to the call of action solicited by the website. Basically, modal windows have lots of advantages. It displays embedded information without having to load a separate page. This is great as the necessity of loading lots of

100 Best Corporate Business WordPress Themes

Starting an efficient company website has never been easy with the best corporate business WordPress themes available right now. A business or corporate website is really important for companies nowadays. By maintaining a web presence, a business can advertise its products and services in a global scale at minimal cost. A business website also provides a platform for potential customers to get in touch with the company and inquire about its products or services. In creating a credible online presence, it is necessary that a business website should not

30 Beautiful Free Christmas Icons

Christmas is such an occasion that businesses often prepare for the surge for the demand of their products often months at a time. These free Christmas icons are intended for those who are looking for graphic resources that they can use ahead of time to create Christmas decorations, cards, invitations and more. What you will find here are graphic icons of Christmas symbols, and decorative elements. Some of these are in PSD format while some are in PNG and in EPS file. You can

60 Best Fullscreen WordPress Themes

Designers and photographers who want to show their works in big images will surely find one that fits their taste in this showcase of best fullscreen WordPress themes. Creative individuals often consider their website as an extension of their art. They want it unique, stylish and definitely artistic. In some cases, a conventional web layout would be too bland and it would not help build a personal brand of art and the unique needs of the artist. For those who want to captivate the

40 Beautiful Free PSD Website Templates

One of the great things about being in the web design community is the availability of free PSD website templates and you can use of for your projects. A lot of freebies are available for web designers and developers and these make their job easier than they should be. Right now, one need not really have to design a web page from scratch using a graphic software and code it until it becomes a functional website. If you do not have the flair in using the graphic software, you can leave

10 Beautiful and Free Coming Soon WordPress Themes

It takes time to prepare all the nuts and bolts of a descent online presence that is why coming soon WordPress themes can be used to inform your readers the time when your website will launch while inviting them to sign up to your newsletter and follow your social networks. If you want to start a website with a blast, the good thing to do is to make it fully developed right from day one. Basically, it takes time, effort and resources to build a flawless professional looking website so it

20 Awesome Free WordPress Slider Plugins

Presenting images and excerpts of texts attractively on a website need not have to be expensive because there are free WordPress slider plugins that you can download fast and easy. Slideshows can add some spice to a website due to their interesting transition effects. Far from their glitzy attention grabbing potential however, lies the fact that sliders are essentially put on a website to display a large number images and texts in succession in a small amount of space. Generally, you can see sliders above the fold in the front page of a website