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40 Beautiful Free Flat Icon Sets You Can Grab

The explosion of flat design concepts has likewise increased the demand for free flat icon sets to be used in mobile apps and desktop applications. Designing a website or an app can be quite tedious. Luckily, there are resources that you can take advantage to make your job easier and faster. One of the things that can speed up the design process is by using predesigned icons and user interfaces. For the minimalistic trend popularized by Windows 8, Google and the soon-to-be released iOS7, there are

30+ Professional WordPress App Themes and HTML Templates

Right now, it is easy to make a website that will showcase the products of an app developer using specially designed WordPress app themes and HTML templates. Every developer needs a website where he can showcase his works and make them available to the public. Luckily, app developers now have an option whether to design their own website from scratch or to go for a predesigned theme especially created to handle the job. A WordPress app theme is a great time saver that gives the user the opportunity to focus more in tweaking his products instead of minding the look of his product

40 Beautiful Free HTML5 and CSS3 Website Templates

If you don’t have time to code your own web design, as well as money to buy one, you can build a website in a snap using one of the free HTML5 and CSS3 website templates available in the web. If you want to a website, there are two options that you can choose from. It’s either you go for a paid, or a free solution. You can hire a professional web designer to create a custom website of your liking but it costs from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Ideally, this is advisable for big businesses and

60 Beautiful Flat WordPress Themes

Right now, flat WordPress themes are in demand thanks to Microsoft and Google for eschewing skeuomorphism in favor of minimal and straightforward UI design. When Windows 8 was released, its metro-style design became a talk of the day. Many admired its interface because its being simple yet effective in drawing the attention of the users. Also, after Google entered by scene with artistic use of white space and flat design in Google Now and a number of its products, many are convinced that the day of skeuomorphism or real-world imitation of objects in web and app interfaces is over. Whether

40 Great HTML5 WordPress Themes Showcase

Want a future-proof website? A lot of developers are creating HTML5 WordPress themes right now and you can find some of their works in this post. HTML5 packs a lot of goodness and it will move to become a standard in the days to come. Already major browsers support many of the new HTML5 elements and APIs prompting developers to create more apps and web templates using the markup. One of the main features of HTML5 is its being friendly to mobile devices. Basically, you will see, support for

30 Great Tumblr Style WordPress Themes

Use Tumblr style WordPress themes on your website and begin publishing short-form, mixed-media posts like never before. Right now, Tumblr hosts 130 million blogs and the list includes high profile individuals and big business organizations. Brands such as Adidas, Calvin Klein and Vans all have Tumblr accounts. So as Barack Obama, the CNN and The Washington Post. If you want to enjoy the design and layout of a tumblog while taking advantage of a self hosted and easy to use blogging platform there are WordPress themes to do just that. Like Tumblr, these WordPress themes make it easy for

65 Best Gadget and Technology Blog WordPress Themes

These gadget and technology blog WordPress themes have features and the look and feel ideal for technology oriented news websites and magazines. If you happen to observe websites like CNET, Engadget, and The Verge, you will notice that the contents of the website is news, reviews, and trends in the world of tech and gizmo. While, there is no fixed and hard rule on how a website should look like, a layout that offers great user experience will definitely stand out. For websites that

40+ Ultimate Free WordPress Themes

If you are running on a tight budget, free WordPress themes are the way to go to start a website in a snap. Building a website can cost between thousands of dollars to just a few bucks. For big well funded organizations, they can go for a custom website with specialized features and made-to-order designs. A lot of professional web design agencies and freelancers can get this done for thousands of dollars. This is because of the amount of work involved in creating a website with a design unlike no other. Large of companies

20+ Great Landing Page WordPress Theme Showcase

Using a Landing Page WordPress theme is a great way to increase your conversion rate and get the most out of your traffic. Having a high traffic is sometimes not enough for a website to succeed. To boost sales, subscription and membership, a website should have a web page carefully designed to encourage visitors to do what the website owner wants them to do. This is what is called landing page. Basically, it is a one page website were visitors are directed to after clicking an email link, an online advertisement, or a blog post. The essential

20+ Best Political WordPress Themes and HTML Templates

Presidents, senators, congressmen and other aspirants of elective positions in the government need political WordPress themes and HTML templates to promote their candidacy in the web. To achieve victory in any election, one has to gain support of the majority of the voting public. To win the support of the people involves not only making yourself known but also your political platforms and how you intend to get them done. This entails a lot of explaining to do that even campaign rallies cannot adequately cover. Luckily, a candidate can make a website