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50 Splendid OpenCart Templates for Your Online Store

The availability of beautiful OpenCart templates contributes a lot to the rising popularity of the PHP based ecommerce platform. Opencart ecommerce has created a lot of buzz in the web in the last two years and it is positioning itself as a viable if not better alternative to its competitors.  Already, the platform has gained a favorable reputation as user friendly because it allows complete control over every aspect of a web shop through its intuitive admin interface. Other awesome features of OpenCart included Payment Gateway, Shipping Method Integrations, Order Management System

20 Cool Typewriter Fonts Up for Grabs

Typography is one of the essential aspects of graphic design and this involves the selection of fonts appropriate to the work at hand. For those who want to integrate a vintage feel on their designs, one of the typefaces that the font system that they can use are typewriter fonts. They are reminiscent of the days when computers are non existent thus they speak really well of the bygone eras. If you are looking for such fonts for your design, check this awesome collection typewriter fonts and

30+ Beautiful Woman Logo Designs for Inspiration

Except for typography based designs, icons are considered as essential part of logos and it is not surprising to see woman logo designs. Most logos involve an icon or the distinguishing figure that makes the design unique and catchy. In choosing an icon, the designer has to decide the what is applicable based on what is represented by the brand name he is working on. Such decision would lead him to craft a logo with animal as an icon eg. a dog, or an inanimate

50 Amazing Masonry WordPress Themes

Masonry WordPress themes adopt a grid-style layout but they do so with an extra twist. Unlike the traditional CSS layout, they optimize the available space in a grid by arranging the items with different vertical sizes in a way that do not leave any space or gap in between. Such is the  brainchild of David DeSandro, the creator of Masonry. Basically, it works by placing items in optimal position based on the vertical space available, much like “a mason fitting stones in a wall.” Apparently, this is a deviation from the standard grid layout

30 Best Prestashop Responsive Theme Showcase

Before we dwell on the merits of a Prestashop responsive theme, it is interesting to know that Magento is the undisputed leader in e-commerce solutions. Since its release in 2007, Magento has emerged to dominate the shopping cart market snatching the lead from osCommerce, the oldest open source e-commerce platform. While Magento is being used by 150,000 online retailers with loads of beautiful and superbly functional Magento themes to boot, it does not mean that Magento is for everybody. Magento requires a web developer to setup, develop and maintain which

80+ of the Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

If you want to start an online store, one of the platforms that you can use is WordPress. It is easy to use and maintain even by those who do not have knowledge of programming. Also, there are a lot of WordPress ecommerce themes available for download from various theme providers. Premium themes of course cost something but it is worth the investment as they come with support and updates as you go forward. If you are running on tight budget however, a free

60 Great Landing Page Templates for a Variety of Purposes

Converting a website visitor into a buyer is a tricky business that needs a well designed and strategically sound landing page to be successful. If you don’t want to experience the hassle of coding, you can make use  of one of the predesigned landing page templates from your trusted theme provider at a very minimal cost.  Such templates  are optimized for conversion and they are specially created to help you promote your products and services. This article will help you find a template ideal for your needs. For

10+ Great Video WordPress Theme Showcase

One of the critical aspects of creating a website is the selection of a theme that will determine the look, the feel and functionality of your online presence. By large measure, the layout and the functional setup of a theme is determined by the niche and the purpose of the website. If you are running a weblog for example, a nice WordPress blog theme would be fitting as it is designed to present textual and image content in a narrative setup. On its home

15+ Best Event WordPress Theme Showcase

A lot of event planners promote their upcoming activities using flyers and Facebook updates but this does not have to end there. With a big event coming, as an organizer you might need to make the event management easier when the awaited day comes by enabling participants to register in advance, know the speakers and other details of the program, and even get a ticket online. For this, you need an event WordPress theme. Some Features of an Event WordPress Theme By taking advantage of the powers of WordPress, you

15+ Great WordPress Community Theme Collection

WordPress is a versatile and highly popular platform that powers a huge chunk of websites. Right now, you can see WordPress to be used in such types of websites as blogs, online portfolios, e-commerce shops and even classified ads. If you want to start a forum, a membership site, or one with social networking capability, a good WordPress community theme is just what you need. And to help you find some great options, we sharing with some of the well-designed, professional and high-quality WordPress community themes in this post.  Check these out and share with