15 Carefree Summer Photoshop Brushes

Summer is the time of the year when people are most active and this has been highlighted by lots of leisurely activities that take advantage of the warm weather. These is picnic and camping,  kayaking, baseball and of course frolicking in a beach nearby. In line with these activities of course are organized events that almost always call for good graphics that captures the heat, the excitement and joys of summer.

If you are a graphic designer, perhaps you have been commissioned to create some summer inspired artworks, and you will likely find it convenient to use summer Photoshop brushes for such projects. If it involves some seashells, starfishes, or anything along that line, it is often easy to add these elements on a straight from other sources. Third-party brushes indeed save us a great deal of time, as we don’t have to create the graphic objects from scratch. Here are some of the useful summer Photoshop brushes that you can use to create posters, flyers and all that radiate the energy, the warmth and the carefree ambiance of summer. Check them out and enjoy!

Seaside Memories Brush Set


Assorted seaside stuffs in the form of Photoshop brushes for a beach artwork.

Visit Source – by E-Derby

Surf Board Brushes


Summer graphics can be fun especially if it features sporty surfboards along with the frolic and warmth a beach.

Visit Source – by Meekah

Shells Brushes


Photoshop brushes made from images of seashells and other items.

Visit Source – by Viking

Brushset 10: Summer moved on


80 brushes of seashells, palms, sea waves, cocktails, aloha words and etc.

Visit Source – by Ruthenia-Alba

Summertime Brushes


23 brushes Summer Phoshop brushes for CS.

Visit Source – by Stardixa

Summer Brushes


Cool summer inspired brushes made in Photoshop CS.

Visit Source – by Lunabeam18

Summer Fun


This is a digital photo album; .psds, photoshop color swatch and image pack included.

Visit Source – by Camxso

Summer Feeling PS


Flowers, butterflies and other stuffs to spice up summer graphics.

Visit Source – by BlaclyStuff

Brushes Pack 005


Fruit Photoshop brushes for a summer cocktail.

Visit Source – by Atenaispd

Summer Brushes


A set of 8 cool summer brushes.

Visit Source – by Designious

18 Hibiscus Flowers Photoshop Brushes


Hibiscus flowers, along with palm trees and other tropical vegetation surely remind us of hot summer days at the beach.

Visit Source – by Photoshop Free Brushes

Summer Brushes


Exciting set of Photoshop brushes that you can use on your summer themed artworks.

Visit Source – by Fartoolate

Quirky Mix Brushes


A set of hand drawn brushes that can be used on a summer themed design.

Visit Source – by oddhearts

28 Beach Clip Art Photoshop Brushes


This is a set of Photoshop brushes featuring different beach clip art brushes that you can use in designing beach-themed designs such as websites, brochures, summer party invitations, etc.

Visit Source – by Photoshop Free Brushes

33 Hi-Res Floral Brushes PS


A set of 33 decorative floral brushes for Photoshop CS+.

Visit Source – by ImperioLuna

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