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10 Great Mommy Blog WordPress Themes

The look and feel of a website is one of the factors that makes it either a success or failure. By and large, the decision of what layout and design to choose for a site depends not only on the type and niche of website but also on the personal taste and preferences of its owner. In most cases, the colors and other visual elements of the design is what the owner likes for his site. Most women love feminine colors and some cute accents that undeniably reflect the soft and endearing nature of being girls. Mommy Blog WordPress

15 Great HTML5 Video Player Plugin Showcase

HTML5 video player is fast becoming a common feature in websites nowadays thus highlighting the fact of HTML5 slowly taking what used to be the area where Flash reigns supreme. While Flash still has a large market base, that may not evaporate anytime soon, it would be hard not to concede that it is losing ground to new technologies such as HTML5. Currently, iPhone and iPad is not offering native Flash support although there are add-ons to get this done. YouTube on the other hand is offering HTML5

40 Awesome Examples of Grunge Typography

Grunge typography has been used extensively in street art and in rock music scenes. In general, grungy typefaces are used to portray neglect, the depredation, the macabre and the wearing away of things. They are used effectively to evoke the feeling gloom, of the eerie and mysterious past and anything in between. In graphic design, grunge has been used to add effect on music posters and album covers, t-shirt prints and flyers. Check out some of the great examples of grunge typography in this post and see, if you

15 Carefree Summer Photoshop Brushes

Summer is the time of the year when people are most active and this has been highlighted by lots of leisurely activities that take advantage of the warm weather. These is picnic and camping,  kayaking, baseball and of course frolicking in a beach nearby. In line with these activities of course are organized events that almost always call for good graphics that captures the heat, the excitement and joys of summer. If you are a graphic designer, perhaps you have been commissioned to create some summer inspired artworks,

25 Great jQuery Animation Tutorials

jQuery has been a mainstay in website animation and this will likely continue until HTML5 and CSS3 fully mature and gain widespread support. For small scale animation in navigation, you can readily use jQuery Drop Down Menu Plugins or, if you have a vertical interface,  jQuery Accordion Menu scripts. If you want to learn how this jQuery handles, fancy effects on the other hand, or you just want to have something to play with, these jQuery animation tutorials can greatly help you become a better developer. In this post, you will find tutorials on

25 Helpful CSS3 Button Tutorials

CSS3 has opened a lot of possibilities in web design and one of them is rendering effects in texts and objects that can be achieved using a graphic software. With a nice array of text, background, border, transition and animation effects, CSS3 allows us to control the style and layout of web pages even more. With CSS3 properties such as text-shadow, opacity, multiple backgrounds, border-radius, border-image, box-shadow and many more, we can now create an even more beautiful web elements without using images. Right now, we can recreate

15 Great Joomla Business Templates

As the best CMS, Joomla business templates power some of the world’s largest and most popular websites. We are talking about Linux, The Eiffel Tower, Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe, and MTV Greece to name a few.  These websites of course make use of custom made template but even so, they speak of the reputation and confidence that people have in Joomla. Right now, the boundary has already been blurred about what a CMS

30+ Spirited Horse Logo Designs

Just like the animal itself, a horse logo is a strong symbol in branding and advertising campaigns. After all, we humans have a rich cultural bond with horses having used the animals since prehistoric times in war, transportation, productivity, agriculture and development of all kinds. Indeed, it is because of these great service to man that we have come to make horse as a symbol of loyalty, strength, honor, nobility, grace, power and freedom. It also symbolizes, masculinity, virility, speed and endurance. If you are creating a brand identity for a product or service and the client wants them to be associated with