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45+ Beautiful Brown Websites for Inspiration

Brown is the color of the soil, of wood and of course chocolate. Quite apart from its use as a prominent color in branding cafes and chocolate brands, brown is also used as a focal color in a diverse range of websites. Based in popular beliefs, brown, being the color of the soil, is associated and simplicity, humility and being down to earth. Because of which it was adopted as color of their robes by medieval monks and clergymen. Nowadays, you can see the

10 Free Blank WordPress Themes to Speed Up Web Development

Creating WordPress themes for a living entails usage of blank WordPress themes.  They are themes containing only the basic theme structure with little to no styling. By creating your own design on top of the prepared template you eliminate the tediously repetitive task of writing the same basic codes every time make a WordPress theme . This approach  considerably speeds up the web development process leaving you more time to focus on the design and functionality aspects. Here are some of the themes that you can use as a base for your theme projects. All of these are free and

20+ Useful WordPress Chat Plugins

Attending to customers’ queries and extending support to the products they have bought is an integral part of good business practices these days. It helps build trust and in turn it makes them buy more products from a company. Also, a good customer service will likely make customers recommend products to their friends thus generating more revenue. With most corporate websites running on business WordPress themes, it likewise follow that WordPress chat plugins are the widely used in integrating a chat system in a great number of websites. Right now, there are lots of

40 Refreshing Water Lily Photography

Water lilies are refreshing to the senses especially if see them blooming, on a quiet and still pond. The sight of them will really calm your nerves and will let you find inner peace as you relish the tranquility, the stillness of their existence devoid of hassle, and of life’s frenetic rushings. Whenever you are tired, or weary, or you feel that you have been extra busy, a trip to a pond of water lilies, on a lake or any body of water, will surely put you at ease. In this post, you will find some examples

30 Awesome Fur Texture Showcase

Textures are useful in many ways for graphic and web design projects. It can be used as an overlay to add a tactile feel to the design thus making it more attractive, realistic and catchy. They are also used as background in photo manipulation and web templates. In this post we are collecting some of the coolest textures courtesy of our furry friends. This fur texture showcase can be of great use on your designs that involve in on way or another fur coats

20+ Stylish Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Collection

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the newest smartphone the South Korean electronics behemoth has launched and right now it has caused a lot of stir and buzz about its awesome features and amazing functionality. Among others, it boosts a rich and sharp display with its 5-inch 1080p HD screen that produces a pixel density of 441ppi, which is obviously higher than iPhone5’s 321ppi. As for its camera, it is 13-megapixels thus, assuring you of high resolution photos. Also, it doubles up as a remote control

40 Beautiful Computer Workstation Setups You Can Emulate

Computer workstation setups speak well of the place or environment in which geeks and other computer bound office workers perform their tasks. Depending on the kind of devices used, how they are arranged and how the auxiliary accessories are laid will definitely affect the productivity and even the mindset of the user. This is true whether you are using mac or PC. To give you some inspiration,  we are sharing with you here a number of computer workstation setups. For some, these setups might

30 Ape and Monkey Logo Designs For Inspiration

Monkey logo designs has been popular in branding a diverse range of products and services. From the signature bag manufacturer Kipling, to French video game publisher Anuman Interactive to rating and survey company Survey Monkey, you can see an illustration of monkey in their logos. In popular culture, monkey is known for their being playful, mischievous, intelligent, aggressive, good-humored and many others. Such diversity interpretation and symbolism of monkey is what makes it a preferred icon for lots and lots of companies and products

30 Amazing Resume PSD Template Showcase

A resume is an essential requirement in any employment opportunity.  For an applicant to be considered in a job vacancy, he must show  his worth first by informing his prospective employer about his background and what he is capable of doing.  These data are laid down in a resume. Right now, with stiff competition for job placements, it is not enough to submit an overly simple, boring and bland resumes that only succeeds in earning the label “just another resume.” Doing so, tend to make your application to be

20 Beautiful jQuery Accordion Menu Plugins and Tutorials

jQuery accordion menu is common among websites that adopt vertical navigation. This takes the form of drop-down menus with attractive and smooth animation or transition. Basically, accordions in navigation save a great amount of real estate in a website as it can be expanded or compressed just like a musical accordion. For big websites, the use of jQuery accordion menu allows them to show the links to their pages and contents in a professional and attractive way. To help you a little, we are