30 Useful Photoshop Cloud Brushes

Photoshop cloud brushes are useful if you want to edit photos or create a graphic or web design that portrays the sky, the condition of the weather or anything along that line.  With a good selection of cloud brushes in your graphic software, you can easily enhance the look of your photos to show some puffy clouds or a stormy weather as portrayed by ominous dark clouds.

You will find here all free items that you can use on your artworks. These is a caveat however. Some of these are only free for personal use. For commercial usage of such items, you need to follow the instructions set forth by their authors. Some require that you ask permission, a link back to their sites and some require that you get a commercial license or a donation. It is thus better to read the rules yourself before using any item that catches your fancy. Still, you can find a number of stuffs which are absolutely free without any restriction whatsoever. Still it is better to give credit as you see fit. Have fun playing with your graphic software using these awesome brushes!

Clouds II Photoshop Brushes

A set of 20 Photoshop brushes composed of various types of clouds.
Visit Source – by redheadstock

Drawing clouds Brush

Cloud brushes at 500-600 pixels for CS2 and CS3.
Visit Source – by zevenstorms

Real Cloud Brushes

A set of 10 realistic cloud brushes.
Visit Source – by thiselectricheart

Clouds Mist Photoshop Brushes

A set of 22 brushes made up of various types of clouds.
Visit Source – by redheadstock

Cloud Brushes 2

There are 18 cloud brushes in this pack made Photoshop CS3,
Visit Source – by KerovinBlack

Cloud Brushes

7 Large cloud brushes made in CS5.
Visit Source – by EligoDesign

Brushes 1 – clouds brushes

A set consisting of 7 cloud brushes.
Visit Source – by Momotte2stocks

Clouds Brushes

24 cloud Photoshop brushes created in CS3.
Visit Source – by Coby17

Cloudy Brushes

A set of nice cloud brushes for Photoshop.
Visit Source – by mysteria-dl

Cloud Brushes

Set of 6 Hi-Res cloud brushes.
Visit Source – by painsi

Cloud Brushes HiRes No. 2

9 cloud brushes for Photoshop at 2500px.
Visit Source – by leboef

Puffy Cloud Brush

A fancy cool collection of puffy cloud brushes for Photoshop.
Visit Source – by shuikyou

Cloud brushes – set 02

Ten brushes in different size, made in Photoshop CS.
Visit Source – by LunaNYXstock

Cloud brushes – set 04

Ten brushes in different size, made in Photoshop CS.
Visit Source – by LunaNYXstock

Cloud Brush Set 1

A set of brushes made from some photographs.
Visit Source – by Aiquandol


4 High resolution and neat brushes with soft texture and different shape that can be combined in numerous ways.
Visit Source – by esterliquori

Clouds and Sky II

There are 4 large cloud brushes, as well as a bonus moon brush.
Visit Source – by fabricate-stock

Cloud Brushes 2

Set of 2500 pixel by 2500 pixel texture brushes of clouds created in Adobe Photoshop CS5.
Visit Source – by AscendedArts

Cloud Brushes

An awesome set of cloud brushes for your artworks.
Visit Source – by RoseCabriolet

Cloud Brushes

A set of 16 cloud brushes for Photoshop.
Visit Source – by KerovinBlack

Cloud Brushes

A pack of 10 cloud brushes for Photoshop.
Visit Source – by JavierZhX

Abstract Cloud Brushes 2

9 abstract cloud brushes for Photoshop 7.
Visit Source – by BladeMarth

Cloud Brush Pack

14 very big cloud brushes made with Abobe Photoshop CS3.
Visit Source – by PhysicalMagic

PS and GIMP Cloud Brushes

A free-to-use pack of 25 cloud brushes for Photoshop. If you have GIMP version 2.4 and up, you can also use the brushes in GIMP.
Visit Source – by abluescarab

Clouds Brushes

Set of 10 High Quality brushes made with Adobe Photshop CS4.
Visit Source – by rubina119

Sky and Clouds Brushes

The set has 15 brushes representing the sky and clouds created in Photoshop CS3.
Visit Source – by Webdesigner Lab

PS Cloud Brushes

12 cloud brushes made in Photoshop CS5.
Visit Source – by Dark-Zeblock

22 Cloud Brushes

22 cloud brushes with high resolution.
Visit Source – by grenouille-enchantee

24 Clouds – Photoshop Brushes

High resolution Adobe Photoshop brushes. Set of 24 brushes, created from real clouds. Mushroom cloud included. Various size – from 190 to 1614 pixels.
Visit Source – by MilaVasileva

clouds photoshop brushes

21 cloud brushes for Photoshop in this pack.
Visit Source – by pharaohking

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