20+ Cool WordPress Books in Paperback and in Kindle Format

WordPress books are great resources if you want to learn how to start a website and to design a WordPress theme. In general, a book about the ins and outs of WordPress in print, or even in an electronic format,  have more detailed discussions.

Because they do not have the drawbacks of a long blog post, WordPress books, tend to be more lengthy and specific in their approach, dividing one complex idea into small chunks delineated by topics and subtopics. By not subjecting the readers to abrupt or radical shift in thoughts, books tend to make learning more enjoyable and motivating. Not to mention the fact that a book has a tactile feel that would pleasurably tickle budding and seasoned geeks alike as their minds explore the rich and colorful world of design and programming.

Also, paperbacks say WordPress books, is a great symbol of geekness, a visible sign of belongingness and association to a rare breed of people who gives a new dimension of friendship and connectivity through social media and tremendous exchange of information through the web.

WordPress Kindle E-Book

While books are cool, it is common to see them become torn, mangled, and sometimes devoured by termites. Thus, if you want to have a WordPress book that does not have the vulnerability of something made in paper, an electronic transcription such as Kindle e-book is your best alternative. To be able to read a Kindle e-book, of course you need to have a Kindle reader. It is an electronic device designed primarily for the purpose of reading digital e-books and periodicals.

To help you find the WordPress books who have been longing to read, we are sharing with you a number of the stuff in this post.  You will find here the conventional paperback books as well as the WordPress Kindle e-books for your digital book reader. Whether you are a novice programmer, an advance use, or a website owner you will find great items in this showcase. Check them out and share with us what your think. Enjoy!

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WordPress Books in Paperback

Ultimate WordPress Book

Step-by-step Guide in Making Attractive, Profitable, and Hacker-Proof WordPress Site by Lambert Klein COMPLETE INFO (Paperback)


Want to create a website you can be proud of using WordPress? This book will show you how to make a site that not only looks great and makes you money, but also repels viruses and hackers!

Professional WordPress

Design and Development guide by Hal Stern, David Damstra and Brad Williams COMPLETE INFO (Paperback)


WordPress is the most popular self-hosted open source website software in use today, and the latest version makes it even simpler to operate. Packed with real-world examples for load balancing and multiusers, this esteemed resource replaces some of the more basic material with more advanced content. Every single chapter has been reworked to provide the most current and proper methods for developing and designing in WordPress. Coverage of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and new chapters on custom post types, custom taxonomies, Multisite, and extensions of themes bring the content of this book completely up-to-date and provides you with all you need to deploy successful WordPress sites.

SEO for WordPress

How To Get Your Website on Page #1 of Google Fast! by Kent Mauresmo and Anastasiya Petrova COMPLETE INFO (Paperback)


Learn how to use permalinks and tags correctly, how to structure your first and last paragraphs, implement the right keyword density, optimize images and more.

Ultimate 2013 WordPress Themes and Plugins Guide

Unlock the Power of WordPress with the Most Potent Plugins and Theme by Lambert Klein COMPLETE INFO (Paperback)


Lamber Klein shares with you a massive collection of plugins and themes that will enhance your WordPress site and make it successful. He has personally gone through and selected the hottest plugins and themes that are going to be BIG in 2013. Whether your site is a blog, membership site, or ecommerce store, this guide will show you the tools you need to turn it into a real powerhouse.

WordPress: The Missing Manual

The book that should have been in the box by Matthew MacDonaldCOMPLETE INFO (Paperback)


Whether you’re a budding blogger or web development professional, WordPress is a brilliant tool for creating websites—if you know how to tap its impressive features. This jargon-free Missing Manual shows you how to use WordPress and its themes, plug-ins, and widgets to build just about any website you can imagine, from a classy blog to a basic e-commerce site.

WordPress Revealed

How to Build a Website, Get Visitors and Make Money (Even For Beginners) Volume 1 by Matt Wolfe COMPLETE INFO (Paperback)


In this incredibly in-depth guide to WordPress, Matt Wolfe (of TheWPClassroom.com fame) gives an amazing amount of detail on pretty much everything you need to know to get started with WordPress. From all of the basics of getting a site online to advanced strategies of traffic generation and monetization.

Teach Yourself Visually WordPress

A fast and easy way to learn WordPress Second Edition by Janet MajureCOMPLETE INFO (Paperback)


WordPress is one of the most popular, easy-to-use blogging platforms and allows you to create a dynamic and engaging blog, even if you have no programming skills or experience. Ideal for the visual learner, Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress, Second Edition introduces you to the exciting possibilities of the newest version of WordPress and helps you get started, step by step, with creating and setting up a WordPress site. The Author, who is an experienced WordPress user Janet Majure shares advice, insight, and best practices for taking full advantage of all that WordPress has to offer.

WordPress Domination

Beginner to NINJA in 7 Days, an insightful guide to WordPress by Lambert Klein COMPLETE INFO (Paperback)


Discover How You Can Ninja Your Way To Complete WordPress Dominance In As Little As Seven Days. If you want to build an empire of websites that will create residual income and massive profit potential, you need to be using WordPress. Unfortunately, installing WordPress onto a newly purchased domain isn’t going to make you rich. There are widgets, themes, plugins, and traffic to worry about not to mention wondering which monetization method is best for you. This book is a definitive guide on how to be a WordPress strategist in 7 days.

Smashing WordPress

Beyond the Blog (Smashing Magazine Book Series) by Thord Daniel Hedengren COMPLETE INFO (Paperback)


As one of the hottest tools on the web today for creating a blog, WordPress has evolved to be much more that just a blogging platform and has been pushed beyond its original purpose. With this new edition of a perennially popular WordPress resource, Smashing Magazine offers you the information you need so you can maximize the potential and power of WordPress. WordPress expert Thord Daniel Hedengren takes you beyond the basic blog to show you how to leverage the capabilities of WordPress to power advanced websites.

WordPress 3 Ultimate Security

A guide on how to protect your WordPress site and its network by Olly Connelly COMPLETE INFO (Paperback)


This is a comprehensive essential guide to WordPress security written in a light style, which converts learning a really serious topic to an enjoyable read. It is packed with copy-paste solutions to security to suit all levels of security know-how. Just as WordPress is used by a broad spectrum of website owners, with varying degrees of security know-how, so WordPress 3 Ultimate Security is written to be understood by security novices and web professionals alike.

WordPress Kindle Edition Ebooks

WordPress Newbie

Your Basic Guide to Getting Started with WordPress by Heather Bixler COMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


In the “Wordpress Newbie Book” you will learn the basics. You know how you wish you had someone to walk you through the WordPress dashboard and tell you how to actually use this wonderful blogging platform? Well this book is your guide.

WordPress For Dummies

WordPress Book by Lisa Sabin Wilson COMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


Join the millions of bloggers who rely on WordPress, the popular and free blogging platform. This guide covers all the features and improvements in the most up-to-date version of WordPress. Whether you are switching to WordPress from another blogging platform or just starting your first blog, you’ll find lots of advice in this friendly guide.

Building WordPress Themes from Scratch

Make WordPress Themes by Joe Cabona COMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


Walk through the steps you need to build your very own WordPress site! Included with the book is a WordPress theme and other necessary files, so roll up your sleeves and let Joe take you through the process explaining what you need to do – and why you’re doing it – every step of the way.

Web Designer’s Guide to WordPress

Plan, Theme, Build, Launch (Voices That Matter) by Jesse Friedman COMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


Legions of web designers and developers are choosing WordPress for building sites. That’s because it’s powerful, reliable, flexible, scalable—and more. This book is your complete guide to mastering WordPress theme development, covering everything from installation to leveraging the community and resources to improve your WordPress skills for years to come. With detailed explanations, real-life examples, and step-by-step tutorials, you’ll find everything you need to build and deploy WordPress-powered websites with no prior server-side or WordPress development experience.

WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook

Step-by-step instructions to learn WordPress plugin development by Yannick Lefebvre COMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


This is a cookbook with step-by-step instructions and code examples required to learn WordPress plugin development easily. If you are a WordPress user, developer, or a site integrator with basic knowledge of PHP and an interest to create new plugins to address your personal needs, client needs, or share with the community, then this book is for you.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development

Learn how to create plugins by Brad Williams COMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


WordPress is used to create self-hosted blogs and sites, and it’s fast becoming the most popular content management system (CMS) on the Web. Now you can extend it for personal, corporate and enterprise use with advanced plugins and this professional development guide. Learn how to create plugins using the WordPress plugin API: utilize hooks, store custom settings, craft translation files, secure your plugins, set custom user roles, integrate widgets, work with JavaScript and AJAX, create custom post types. You’ll find a practical, solutions-based approach, lots of helpful examples, and plenty of code you can incorporate!

Social Media for WordPress

Beginner’s Guide on How to Build Communities, Engage Members, and Promote Your Site by Michael Kuhlmann                    COMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


Fast paced, quick to read, impossible to put down, this book is a complete plan for social engagement on the web. You’ve heard plenty of social media success stories. You know your WordPress site inside and out, but you want help. Stop right now and pick up a copy of this book.

WordPress Your Way

Customize Your Site to Increase Readership and Automate Social Media by Nancy L. Hendrickson COMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


Unless you love coding, there’s no reason to build your website on any platform other than WordPress. WordPress is free, it’s easy to use, it’s highly customizable, and your site can be up-and-running within an hour. What’s not to like? Written using non-technical terms and language, this guide will walk you through a typical WordPress installation then jump off into how you can use WordPress’ built-in features and functions to make it YOURS.

WordPress Mobile Web Development: Beginner’s Guide

Make you wordpress website mobile friendly and get the grips with the two hottest trends in web design – Mobile and WordPress by Rachell McCollin – COMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


If you have dabbled in WordPress or been working with it for years, and want to build mobile or responsive themes or sites, this book is for you. Even if you can’t write a line of code, the first few chapters will help you create a simple mobile site. But to get the most from the book, you will need a good understanding of HTML, CSS and WordPress itself. This book is for owners of self-hosted WordPress sites, not sites hosted at wordpress.com.

WordPress 3.0 jQuery

Enhance your WordPress website with the captivating effects of jQuery by Tessa Blakeley Silver  COMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


This book walks the reader from a basic overview and introduction to jQuery with illustrations of how it works with a WordPress site and then starts building enhancements that start off very simply and increase in dynamics as the book progresses. You’ll start off with some simple CSS manipulation and move on to creating some sleek visual validation to your site’s forms and by the end of the book use the UI plugin seamlessly within WordPress and create a custom rotating slide-show and incorporate AJAX techniques to your site. All the while showing you how to create these enhancements without “breaking up the work-flow” of the WordPress content editors. This book is for anyone who is interested in using jQuery with a WordPress site. It’s assumed that most readers will be WordPress developers with a pretty good understanding of PHP or JavaScript programming and at the very least experienced with HTML/CSS development who want to learn how to quickly apply jQuery to their WordPress projects.

WordPress Security: Protection from Hackers and Crackers

Secure your site in easy steps by Lambert KleinCOMPLETE INFO (Kindle Edition)


Your WordPress Website Might Be At Risk Of Being Hacked!
Discover The Easy Steps You Can Take To Secure Your Website And Keep It Virtually Hack-Proof.

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