30 Beautiful Responsive Tumblr Theme Showcase

Responsive Tumblr theme is the answer to the needs of microbloggers for a flexible, touch friendly and easier-to-use, tumblogs in desktop computers and mobile Internet devices alike. Just like the traditional themes, responsive Tumblr themes display well in desktops but they are capable of adjusting to different screen sizes and viewports. This means that you can enjoy your Tumblog without much zooming, panning and scrolling regardless of the screen size of your tablet, or smartphone. This takes the whole Tumblog experience to a higher level.

Indeed, it needs no further elaboration that adopting a responsive layout will make your visitors enjoy the videos, photos, and other contents on your Tumblog, like never before on smartphones and tablets. If you are not yet considering the idea, or you have never thought of it, at least you can now have something to start with to a responsive Tumblr engine.

Because it is not easy to look for things around we are sharing with you this responsive Tumblr theme collection that you can explore and play with on your own. Most of these are premium solutions (as they are greater in number for the moment) but you can still find free items. In general, premium themes are better for the long term as you are guaranteed with support and updates. A freebies on the other hand does not cost you anything and you can install and uninstall it anytime if you it does not suit your taste. Either way, we believe these responsive Tumblr themes are some of the best, and so worth the attention. Check them out and share with us your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to share this post to your friends if you find it useful. Enjoy!

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you visit those links and purchase the product you find, I will earn a commission without additional cost on your part. Before making any purchase I encourage you to evaluate the products or services on your own. This post is not meant to endorse or to recommend particular items.


Key Features:  All Post Types, Including Adaptive Photosets, Looks Great Any Sized Screen, Customisable Text & Theme Colors


Focus is a minimalistic and adaptive Tumblr theme aimed at presenting your content, to any device, without clutter. It has easy to change colors and background images as well as support for Disqus, Flickr, Twitter, Dribbble and Google Analytics. This theme gives a tailored view to each device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, etc.) that visits it and only serves the content that is required, helping to speed up delivery of your site.


Key Features: Responsive Layout, Featured Content Slider, Custom Logo and Backgrounds, Instagram and Twitter Integration


Affection is a feature-rich, responsive Tumblr theme, which starts out with a width of 1040 pixels for desktop computers and scales down nicely to tablet and smartphone resolutions. It is based on Foundation 3, one of the most advanced responsive front-end frameworks available.


Key Features: Adaptive Layout and Type, All Post Types, Ajax Based Page Loading With Working Back Button, Disqus Comments


Mason is an adaptive Tumblr theme aimed at presenting your content, to any device, in a masonry based view. It includes Ajax based page loading, as well as URL tracking (no broken back button!). Users can quickly view your posts, view them in the detail, and go back to where they were. Also, it is highly customizable, with support for Disqus, Twitter and Google Analytics.


Key Features: Responsive Design, Animated Drop Down Menu, Responsive images and video, Over 25 Social Networking Icons


Glide is a 100% responsive theme suitable for any type of Tumblog from photography to business and anything else. It is a great starting block for developers, designers and bloggers of any skill level. Glide comes packed full of features and more get added with every update. It features an extensive list of editable options via the Appearance panel, Flickr stream, recent posts, fully responsive videos, slider and images.


Key Features: Responsive Layout, Flexible portfolio grid, Responsive homepage slider, Twitter, Flickr, Dribbble and Instagram feeds


SUPPLE is a versatile portfolio theme for Tumblr by Pixel Moxie. SUPPLE is aimed at creatives—designers, illustrators, photographers, video artists—and allows you to display your work in a grid-like fashion, flexibly enough so you can define the aspect ratio of your thumbnails: from landscape to portrait, including square and anything in between.


Key Features: Responsive Design, Image Slider, Disqus Commenting, All Post Types Supported


Stevie is a clean and responsive template for a tumblr blog. It comes with a beautiful image slider & lots of social features built in including post sharing and disqus commenting integration.


Key Features: Responsive Tumblr Theme, Responsive photosets and videos, Use ANY Google Font, Flickr, Instagram and Dribbble widgets


The Zurich Tumblr theme is perfect for any type of blog. It makes your content center stage, giving it the exposure it needs. Zurich comes packed full of features and widgets. Zurich uses some subtle yet effective jQuery effects making your viewing experience a dream. The theme resizes when the browser window is resized making the Zurich theme look great on any device or computer screen.

Athens Theme – COMPLETE INFO

Key Features: Responsive Layout, Header Background replacement with Color or Pattern, Up to 5 slider images


Athens theme is perfect for normal blogging, portfolio, entertainments and everything you want to use it for. This theme is useful because is customizable and responsive. You could really change almost everything.


Key Features: Two Index Layouts (Grid and Blog), Retina Support, Disqus Comments, Twitter / Dribbble / Flickr / Instagram Social Feeds


Fredrik is an adaptive Tumblr theme which includes a Grid based Index Page which is great to use as a portfolio for a Illustrator. It also includes the traditional Blog based Index Page, as well as other features. It is also super easy to customize with support for Disqus, Flickr, Twitter, Dribbble, Instagram and Google Analytics.


Key Features: 100% Responsive Layout, 100% CSS, no images, Responsive images and videos, Infinite Scrolling


Optic is a responsive Tumblr theme perfect for any blog type featuring the Masonry jQuery plugin. Optic comes packed full of jQuery awesomeness and shows your posts in all their glory. Pick colors for any part of the theme so you can fully customize it the way you want. Also pick your favorite font from the Google fonts library and add it in using the themes options panel. The theme’s only image is the logo and the images you post. It’s completely CSS!


Key Features: Responsive Design, Optional Slider, Group Blogging, Custom Menu Widget, Supports Disqus comments, Google Analytics 


Pro is a professional responsive blogging Tumblr themes. It has a lot of awesome features and functions that you can use to come up with an awesome Tumblog experience.


Key Features: Full Retina Support, All Post Types, Disqus Comments, Google Web Font Options, Adaptive Layout and Type


Orson is a clean and adaptive Tumblr theme aimed at presenting your content, to any device, without clutter. It is super easy to customize with support for Disqus, Flickr, Twitter, Dribbble, Instagram and Google Analytics. This theme gives a tailored view to each device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, etc.)


Key Features: Responsive Layout, Customizable header and footer colors, Complete control of your post colors, Disqus implementation


LUOMO is an expressive, responsive Tumblr theme created by Pixel Moxie. LUOMO is designed to display your media at large sizes in big style, giving you great control over each post color palette. With LUOMO, you can tailor each post to complement the way your content looks and feels. LUOMO adapts to the screen size of the device you’re using to view—your content will look awesome on any device.


Key Features: All Tumblr Post Types, Responsive Layout, Carousel Widgets, Wide Image Slider, Infinite Scroll, Disqus Comments


TIMELINE is a Premium Tumblr Theme that was designed to view your tumblog as timelines. This is a personal theme that’s suitable in use for people who have an active and enjoyable life.


Key Features: Responsive Layout, Support for all post types, Big slider with up to 6 slides, Ajaxed pagination, Multiple Layouts


Muza is a beautiful responsive Tumblr theme loaded with great features and awesome functions.


Key Features: Responsive Layout, Circular thumbnails (optional), Infinite Scrolling, Customizable side navigation, Editable color


Pop Gallery is a Tumblr theme for visual portfolios, galleries, handcrafts shops, with the unique possibility to present distinct thumbnails for new, sold and reserved items. It has a beautiful and clean design with circular thumbnails.


Key Features: Fully Responsive Layout, Photo and photoset posts, Fully customizable color scheme, Automatic image cropping


Breakfast is a clean, minimal and responsive Tumblr theme for portfolio’s. It has lots of customizing possibilities, optional text widgets and supports Tumblr’s photo and photoset post types.


Key Features: Responsive Layout, Endless scrolling, Disqus comments, Google Analytics, Custom background color or pattern


Evoke is a lovely Responsive Tumblr theme what you can use on your Tumblog. It is loaded with awesome features and functions for easy customization.


Key Features: Responsive Design, All Post Types, Disqus with custom styling, Google Analytics, Customizable Colors


Notes is a responsive Tumblr theme, based on the idea of note paper, which supports all Tumblr post types. It is easily customizable, with custom colors and support for Disqus and Google Analytics. This theme also adapts to your desktop, iPad and iPhone, serving the same design to all your visitors.


Key Features: Full Retina Support, Adaptive Lightbox with Swipe Support, Disqus Comments, Google Adsense and Spotify embeds


Pierre is a super clean Tumblr theme aimed at making your content the center of attention. Included is scalable typography and support for most social media types. It is easy to customize with support for Disqus, Flickr, Twitter, Dribbble, Instagram, Google Adsense and Google Analytics.

3xistence – COMPLETE INFO

Key Features: Responsive HTML5 Tumblr theme, 5 color schemes, 12 social networks, Twitter widget, Google analytics, Disqus


This theme was designed especially to showcase your beautiful pictures in high resolution!


Key Features: Responsive & Retina Display Ready, Twitter Feed Widget, Disqus Comments, Social Media Icons, Blogs I Follow Widget


Memoir is a Premium Tumblr Theme that boasts awesome typography. Let’s face it, it’s time to get back to blogging and Memoir is ready to do that. Plus, it’s also responsive and Retina Display ready. When reading on your iPad, posts in Memoir Tumblr look like a native app. Absolutely stunning.


Key Features: Responsive Layout, Every post type available, Up to 5 rotating images in the header, Disqus comments supported


Autumn is a responsive Tumblr Theme that sports a responsive layout and lots of awesome features.


Key Features: Clean and Responsive Tumblr Theme, Infinite scrolling, Left or right sidebar, Customizable header background


UltraMnml is a very clean, minimalistic and responsive Tumblr theme made for the power blogger. It supports all post types and is made for any type of Tumblr blogger, whether you’re a writer or a photo blogger, this theme will make your content look awesome. It is also responsive so it’ll look great on both your phone or tablet.

SimpliciTheme – COMPLETE INFO

Key Features: Responsive Layout, Disqus commenting system, Custom Pages, Custom CSS, Support for Photosets


This theme is very easy to customize. Just use Tumblr’s own customization-panel. You can give this theme a completely different look with just a few clicks. The latest update brings a responsive layout and retina graphics. It’s now completely rewritten, and this time it’s html5.


Key Features: Responsive Layout, Infinite Scroll ready, Unlimited Color, Color customize options ready, Disqus comment


Cystal is an unlimited color theme, it means that you can change any color schemes you like in your blog customize dashbrod. On the other hand, there are two kinds of layout in one template file, blog layout and fluid grid layout.


Key Features: Responsive Layout, Social Media Integration, 4 Post display states, 1 click like & reblog, Google Analytics


Surface. Premium Tumblr theme by blink and it’s over is a flexible grid based theme created for creatives. It is perfect for uploading your own photos or reblogging other inspirational images. You have full control over the look of your blog with this feature packed theme.


Key Features: Responsive Design, Infinite Scroll, Appearance Options, Custom colors, Grid, Tumblr Audio Fix


Mesh is a free responsive Tumblr theme with great layout and features.

Tumblofolio – COMPLETE INFO (Free)

Key Features: Responsive Layout, Photo slider, Support Photo, photoset and video post, Disqus Comments, Filterable portfolio


Tumblofolio is a Tumblr portfolio theme exclusively hand crafted for those whole wanted to show their work or photo gallery in the most authentic and in the best possible way.

Nocturnal Theme – COMPLETE INFO (Free)

Key Features: Responsive Design, Built in Theme Editor,  Google Analytics id using just your UA-ID number, Social Media integration


Nocturnal is a responsive free Tumblr theme with a built in Theme Editor. With Nocturnal, you have the ability to customize the look of your site to any way you see fit. Nocturnal features built in theme editor options for changing the look and feel of your site, to adding further personalization to your website. You can get the theme here.

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