25 Beautiful Photoshop Chain Brushes

Photoshop chain brushes are useful extensions that can shorten the time it takes to create artworks and designs.  Instead of rendering an illustration of a chain right on your artwork, a Photoshop chain brush can do just the same with a few mouse clicks. You can even adjust its size, path and length in a very convenient manner. That’s the beauty of the Photoshop add–on called brushes. They are predesigned in a particular shape, and they can be replicated in countless times. Right now, you can find just about everything in the form of Photoshop brushes. From [link id=’6889′ text=’arrows’], to [link id=’1435′ text=’buildings’], to animals and everything else, you can grab such forms of brush sets in the web.

In this post, we are sharing with you high quality Photoshop chain brushes that you can download for free. If you want to use them for commercial projects, please read if you are allowed to do so as stated by their authors. Some authors do not want their works to be used for commercial projects without their permission or a commercial license as the case may be. In such an intance, you can contact them on your own and see for yourself. Otherwise, just go grab these brushes and enjoy!

Chain Brushes

16 chain brushes created in Photoshop CS.
Visit Source – by jen-ni


A set of different chain brushes
Visit Source – by digital-amphetamine

Chained To You

Chain brushes for Photoshop 7.0 and above.
Visit Source – by tahliadenae

Chain Link Brushes

This pack contains two different forms of a chain link that will follow the direction of your brush strokes.
Visit Source – by Tim Von Rueden

Shabow’s Chain Brushes

Photoshop chain brushes with a 3d-effect.
Visit Source – by Shabow

Chains – jackle set16


A pack consisting of 20 brushes

Visit Source – by jackle-ie

Chain Brushes

Awesome set of spike chain brushes for your artworks.
Visit Source – by Ronamis

Ropes and Chains Brushes


A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various ropes and chains.

Visit Source – by redheadstock

Chain Brush

A set of different brushes for Photoshop.
Visit Source – by meepuns

Chains Brushes

A pack consisting of chain brushes for Photoshop CS.
Visit Source – by Henda-Stock

Chain Brushes

Chain brushes made in CS.
Visit Source – by HakuWeapon

Steampunky Brushes

Free to download set of chain brushes for Photoshop.
Visit Source – by oOnyaOo

Chain Brushes

A set of 8 brushes.
Visit Source – by mjarkin

Chain Bullet Brush

A chain of bullet brushes for Photoshop.
Visit Source – by MrRumbles

Chain Brush

Chain brush set for PS CS2.
Visit Source – by Zuru

PS Chain Brushes

A set of 5 brushes made in CS2.
Visit Source – by Avaith



14 brushes in on set

Visit Source – by nico-brushes

Chain brushes

A set containing a variety of chain brushes for your artworks.
Visit Source – by Crystall92

Free Photoshop Chain Brush

Photoshop chain brush set made in CS3.
Visit Source – by bigoldtoe

Studio Hera – Linked Brushes

Linked Photoshop brushes made in CS4. Some will stay continuously linked while you draw shapes with them, some are good only for straight lines.
Visit Source – by StudioHera

Chain Brushes

6 Brushes 2500px for Photoshop CS – CS5.
Visit Source – by StarwaltDesign

Iron Chains Brush

Iron inspired chain brushes for Photoshop.
Visit Sourceby mohammed6651

Venus Love Me Chain Brush

A decorative chain brush set for Photoshop CS3 or higher.
Visit Sourceby Hazy-b


A set of 11 chain brushes.
Visit Sourceby Jellyka

Chains Brushes

This pack contains high contrast and low contrast chains, as well as chain silhouettes.
Visit Source – by azraelengel

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