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25 Awesome WordPress Share Plugin Collection

It’s all about traffic. That is what webmasters and internet marketers say when asked what makes a website a success. Of course, to boost traffic entails not only proper search engine optimization but also a vibrant social media campaign. Luckily, for WordPress users, it is easy to leverage the power of the social media using a WordPress share plugin. As the names suggests, it allows you to integrate social media buttons on blog posts, categories and pages that you want to share to your followers. By sharing your content to popular social networks, you can have an instant audience apart from those who are referred by search

30+ Cool Lion Logo Designs For Inspiration

To create an effective logo, marketing strategists use figures which are generally known to symbolize the qualities of their companies. Among the commonly used icons in branding is the proud animal called lion. Among other adjectives, lions are known rule the jungle because of they are big, strong and fierce. Such qualities creates the impression of their being powerful, fearsome, courageous, noble and stately –  attributes that companies and brands would love to tell people who they are. Sure enough financial companies with lion logo designs would project an image of their clients funds to be very safe being

30 Beautiful Thin Fonts You Can Have

Fonts are one of the frequently used items in graphic and web designs. There are a lot of them that you can find in the web but finding the font that matches the theme and the look and feel of your design is not easy. It takes some time to search for them and integrate them on a design. It is common to find a font to be attractive but when you reduce it to its desired size, it doesn’t look good or legible. Sometimes it just doesn’t support the overall design setup. It

60 Beautiful vCard Template Collection for Online Resumes

Nowadays, people are becoming dependent on the Internet for information. They surf the Internet for the latest news as well as the products and services that can solve their problems. If you want to position your professional services to be visible to prospective clients, you can leverage the power of the Internet by creating an online resume. A vCard template can do the job and it is really a platform especially designed to present relevant data about yourself and the kind of work that

25 Awesome CSS3 Text Effect Tutorials

If you have not implemented CSS3 on your web designs for some reasons, a nice CSS3 text effect tutorial would be a great starting point to fire up your interest with this latest version styling language. From there, you will have an understanding of the impressive features and capabilities that has never been available before. Right now, CSS3 transform, transition and animation properties are being employed as an alternative to Javascript in creating fancy animation effects due to CSS3’s potential to increase speed since

30 Useful Photoshop Cloud Brushes

Photoshop cloud brushes are useful if you want to edit photos or create a graphic or web design that portrays the sky, the condition of the weather or anything along that line.  With a good selection of cloud brushes in your graphic software, you can easily enhance the look of your photos to show some puffy clouds or a stormy weather as portrayed by ominous dark clouds. You will find here all free items that you can use on your artworks. These is a caveat however. Some of these are

40 Awesome Asphalt Textures for Designers

Asphalt textures are one of the basic materials which are frequently used to create beautiful graphic artworks and web designs. They add tactile feel to the surface of an object making it appear lively and realistic. We have been showcasing a lot of textures around and this time, it is asphalt textures that we are going to add on your ever expanding list of design ingredients. Some of these textures are free for personal and commercial usage while some are restricted only for personal projects. You

20+ Cool WordPress Books in Paperback and in Kindle Format

WordPress books are great resources if you want to learn how to start a website and to design a WordPress theme. In general, a book about the ins and outs of WordPress in print, or even in an electronic format,  have more detailed discussions. Because they do not have the drawbacks of a long blog post, WordPress books, tend to be more lengthy and specific in their approach, dividing one complex idea into small chunks delineated by topics and subtopics. By not subjecting the readers to abrupt or radical shift in thoughts, books tend to make learning more

50 Dusty Old Paper Texture Showcase

Old paper texture tends to be poetic, full of attitude, or emotion-filled thus it is one of the most wanted textures in graphic and web design. Its brown, dirty, crumpled, torn and sometimes grungy appearance speaks well of the past, that is – the story that makes it appear as it is. If an old paper is taken from an old book, or manuscript, one can always see a vestige of having been stored for ages from its appearance. A tear or crumpled look

30 Beautiful Responsive Tumblr Theme Showcase

Responsive Tumblr theme is the answer to the needs of microbloggers for a flexible, touch friendly and easier-to-use, tumblogs in desktop computers and mobile Internet devices alike. Just like the traditional themes, responsive Tumblr themes display well in desktops but they are capable of adjusting to different screen sizes and viewports. This means that you can enjoy your Tumblog without much zooming, panning and scrolling regardless of the screen size of your tablet, or smartphone. This takes the whole Tumblog experience to a higher level. Indeed, it needs no further elaboration that adopting a responsive layout will make your visitors enjoy