40 Sets of Useful Photoshop Arrow Brushes

Photoshop arrow brushes are useful extensions if you are not contented with the default arrow brushes that you can find in the custom shape section of your graphic software. Of course, for simple, and straightforward creations where you want to simply direct your audience to the specific portion of your design, the default shapes are usually enough.

To find them, all you have to do is to:

1. Right Click on the rectangle tool at the bottom of Photoshop toolbar.

2. Select Custom Shapes. Then click “Shapes” on the upper part of the Photoshop interface.

3. Click the small arrow (inside a circle) and select “Arrows” to load the default shapes. Click OK

4. Click the selected shape and drag it to render.


Figure 1. Image showing how to find built-in arrows via Custom Shapes in Photoshop CS4.

Of course, if you want something artistic to add creativity and flair on your designs, the built-in shapes would prove wanting. That is where you will need Photoshop arrow brushes. These are third-party solutions that you can download to extend the pool of arrows that you have on your software. To load them, all you have to do is to download the brush of your choosing, extract it and copy the .abr file inside the folder labeled “Brushes” using the path, Presets then Brushes on your program file.

To help you find some of the arrow brushes for your artworks, graphic projects and routine Photoshop use, here is collection that you can grab for free. Check them out, and don’t forget to share this post to your friends if you find it useful. Enjoy!

Doodle arrows


69 awesome high resolution hand drawn arrow brushes that can be put to great creative use.

Visit Source – by QBrushes

Vector Arrow Brush Set


A set of attractive arrow brushes for Photoshop.

Visit Source – by Tielle

Hand Drawn Arrow Photoshop Brushes


A set of 40+ hand drawn Photoshop arrow brushes.

Visit Source – by Premium Pixels

Hand drawn arrow and symbol Photoshop brushes


A set of 90 hand drawn arrow and symbol Photoshop brushes.

Visit Source – by Rafi

Mini Arrows


A collection of beautiful arrow brushes for Photoshop.

Visit Source – by oddhearts

Arrow Brushes


8 HQ Grunge arrow brushes for Photoshop.

Visit Source – by DistrictAliens

Arrow Brushes


An awesome collection of 28 arrow brushes.

Visit Source – by snathaid-mhor

Arrow Brushes 1


10 beautiful arrow brushes in a pack.

Visit Source – by qzmxx

Photoshop Brush Set – Arrows


Photoshop Arrow Brush Set – Made with PS6 – 20 brushes

Visit Source – by jillian79

Arrow Brushes


23 Arrow Brushes For CS3.

Visit Source – by KLStock

Arrow Brushes


17 Arrow Brushes made in CS2.

Visit Source – by pookahpie

Sketchy Arrow Brushes


28 sketchy arrow brushes made in Photoshop CS2.

Visit Source – by finner

Tech Arrow Brushes


An awesome set of tech arrow brushes for Photoshop.

Visit Source – by arscube

Tech Arrow v2 – Helios Designs


A beautiful set of techy arrows.

Visit Source – by arscube

arrow doodle brushes


Set includes 32 arrow doodle brushes.

Visit Source – by chokingonstatic

Rave Arrow brushes


A cool raving collection of Photoshop arrow brushes for your artworks.

Visit Source – by Red-Roses

Grungy Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes


A set of 20 grungy hand drawn arrow brushes.

Visit Source – by Webdesigner Lab

Pack de Arrow Brushes


A nice collection of tech inspired brushes.

Visit Source – by EdithionsbyLaw

Arrow Brushes CS4


9 arrow Photoshop brushes for CS4.

Visit Source – by KLStock

Arrows’ Brushes


A cool set of Photoshop arrow brushes for tech applications.

Visit Source – by hannahmaru

12 Arrow Brushes – PS7 and CS3


12 hand written arrow brush for PS7 and CS3.

Visit Source – by myukiori

DB Graffiti Arrow-Brush Pack


A variety of Photoshop arrow brushes of different styles and types.

Visit Source – by SikWidInk

Arrow brushes


A set of 160 hand-drawn Photoshop arrow brushes.

Visit Source – by SmediaDesign

16 Urban Arrow Brushes


16 urban/graffiti styled Photoshop arrow brushes.

Visit Source – by Cary_HMS

3D-ish Arrow Brushes


9 free 3D-like arrow brushes.

Visit Source – by Xernin

All Signs point to


27 fairly large brushes.

Visit Source – by photoshoprangerstock

Doodle Arrow Brushes


Free photoshop doodle arrow brushes.

Visit Source – by cesstrelle

Arrow Brushes


Visit Source – by glitzygurl

Arrows Set 1


This brush set contains 28 arrows.

Visit Source – by Duckie16

Sketchy Arrow Brushes


A pack of 25 sketched arrows.

Visit Source – by johannalgoodyear

100×100 Arrow Brushes


Beautiful minimalist brushes.

Visit Source – by kissncontrol

Arrow brushes-photoshop


Useful brushes that you will apply regularly.

Visit Source – by namng

ultimate arrows brush set


A collection of different high resolution arrow brushes.

Visit Source – by ultimategift

Arrow brushes


A simple yet beautiful arrow brush pack.

Visit Source – by Songeh

Mini Arrow


A little compilation of a small set of brushes.

Visit Source – by Figlet

Pop Art Brushes


15 arrow brushes in this pack.

Visit Source – by FooWater

Arrow Brushes


12 Arrow Photoshop Brushes.

Visit Source – by PinkMai

15 High Res Arrow Brushes


A set of awesome high resolution arrow brushes.

Visit Source – by Snohawk

Arrow Brushes


13 arrow brushes in this set.

Visit Source – by vishalrokez

Free Arrow Brush Set


High resolution hand drawn arrow brush set.

Visit Source – by UJz

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