60 Useful Free Gadget PSD Showcase

Whether you are a GUI designer or an artist who want to play around with designs containing electronic gadget elements, you will always find free gadget PSD files to be helpful. They can considerably speed up the process of finishing graphic designs because the gadgets are readily available for integration.

Also, because they come as layered PSD files, you can edit them to suit your needs. Indeed, gadgets of any sort are some of the freebies that you should not miss as they can be used in a variety of designs. Luckily, there are many of them around in the web and to help you find some, we are showcasing a select few in this post.

You will find here free gadget PSD ranging from mobile phones to tablets, to laptop computers and cameras, to gaming consoles and a lot more. If you want to use these resources, please don’t forget to read their license terms and observe them as much as possible. We will also appreciate if you will share this post to your friends in the social media. Have fun!

Galaxy Note II PSD


Layered PSD file at 2560×1600 and 2 PNG files at 1920×1200.

Visit Source – by abdelrahman

Samsung Galaxy S4 PSD


Free PSD of Samsung Galaxy S4 with grey and white color.

Visit Source – by Pixel Art Factory

Nokia Lumia 900 PSD


Free to use PSD file of Nokia 900.

Visit Source – by Livven

Nokia X6 PSD


Full Nokia X6 models from 8Gb to 32 Gb in PSD format.

Visit Source – by artempilin

HTC Incredible Smartphone .PSD


Visit Source – by zandog

Amazon Kindle Fire Gui PSD


This is one awesome user interface design element for Amazon kindle fire tablet.

Visit Source – by 24 PSD

Apple remote


An apple remote controller in Photoshop document.

Visit Source – by Bobbyperux

iPod Shuffle


This iPod Shuffle PSD was made with Photoshop CS4.

Visit Sourceby poodoode

Stratocaster Classic psd


A PSD file of electric guitars.

Visit Source – by LeMex

Computer mouse icon


Computer mouse web or app icon. It comes in layered PSD format. It is modern looking graphic in black and shiny silver colors.

Visit Source – by PSD Graphics

Printer icon


Printer icon and symbol in PSD format. A very detailed icon for web and applications.

Visit Source – by PSD Graphics

Computer scanner icon


Computer scanner icon in black and white color. Modern looking office scanner in PSD format.

Visit Source – by PSD Graphics

Customizable Speaker PSD


A computer speaker in psd file that you can integrate on your designs. It is customizable by editing their Blending Modes.

Visit Source – by jhasson

PSD Speakers


Visit Source – by castrochew

speakers icons psd


Visit Source – by LeMex

Stereo PSD


A cool stereo set in PSD format.

Visit Source – by jhasson

Widescreen LCD TV


Free Detailed TV image. Easily add your own image to the screen.

Visit Source – by Free PSD Files

MacBook Pro .psd


The PSD file contains six levels: Glass-shine,  Here-your-preview, MacBook Pro, Shadow, Reflex and background.

Visit Source – by Nemed

MacBook Pro Aluminum PSD


Apple MacBook Pro Aluminum Photoshop Document.

Visit Sourceby evanren

Sony PSP


The zip file of this gadget PSD is composed of 61 layers. Its great for showing off your Handheld wallpapers

Visit Source – by DigitalPhenom

PSP psd template


An awesome PSD file of the gaming gadget Sony PSP.

Visit Source – by jbensch

PlayStation 1 Console


Playstation 1 console PSD that you can edit as you wish.

Visit Source – by KnightRanger



Gadget PSD template at 1024×1024 resolution.

Visit Source – Vegas Design

Layered PSD and PNG Laptop


Totally customizable and very well organized and named layers, in this package in PSD and PNG format.

Visit Source – by Arbaoui Mehdi

Samsung Monitor .PSD file


A cool Samsung monitor in PSD format.

Visit Source – by Ptichurina

LG Plasma TV


LG Plasma TV PSD.

Visit Sourceby KGY-Graphic

Security camera icon


White security camera icon, security system symbol.

Visit Source – PSD Graphics

Digital Camera


Photoshop made digital camera.

Visit Source – by Muratyil

Sony Cyber-Shot W300


A PSD icon of Sony cybershot point and shoot camera.

Visit Source – by VirtualRabbit

Fully Layered Olympus Digital Camera


Free Full Layered Olympus Digital Camera Icon.

Visit Source – Free PSD File

retro clock PSD


A digital retro alarm clock in PSD format.

Visit Source – by TLMedia

Alarm clock icon


Old alarm clock (with vector hands) web icon, in PSD format.

Visit Source – by PSD Graphics

Photoshop stopwatch icon


Advanced stopwatch icon made in Photoshop. Colored glossy metal style, two stopwatch icons on white background.

Visit Source – by PSD Graphics

XBOX 360 


One icon in PNG format with a resolution of 512x512px  (Leopard Ready) and a PSD file.

Visit Source – by Bobbyperux

iPod Nano PSD


A .PSD of an Apple iPod Nano.

Visit Source – by jhasson

Htc Dream


This is an HTC Dream (TMobile G1) PSD file.

Visit Source – by Justflikwalk

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 & LiveView PSD templates.

Visit Source – by bharathp666

RIM Blackberry PSD


RIM Blackberry Mobile Phone in PSD file.

Visit Source – by DigitalPhenom

Airport Express PSD


Airport express icon psd file.

Visit Source – by DDrDark

PSD wireless router icon


Wireless router created with Photoshop, glossy style web icon. Black box with a shiny silver frame and a glowing led lights.

Visit Source – by PSD Graphics

Video projector icon


Video projector icon, silver metal case with a glossy lens. Stylish web graphic in PSD format.

Visit Source – PSD Graphics

Motorola Droid RAZR Vector


Motoroal Droid RAZR PSD in 4500x4500px.

Visit Source – by BenSow

Free 3D View iPhone 5 PSD Mockup


3D view iPhone 5 vector mockup template is a fully-scalable vector shape iPhone 5 psd.

Visit Source – by Pixeden

iPhone 5 HD 


iPhone 5 HD PSD Files for Adobe Photoshop.

Visit Source – by JoelAtlas

Free iPhone 4s PSD


Free iPhone 4s Templete .psd file.

Visit Source – by maysunny

Free iphone 4s Psd Vector


iPhone 4s vector mockup template which is a fully-scalable vector shape.

Visit Source – by Pixeden

iPhone 4 PSD


Free to download PSD file of Apple iPhone 4.

Visit Source – by Livven

Headphones: The .PSD


Headphones in editable PSD.

Visit Source – by Ridikul

Headphones Resource


Headphones resource that includes both .psd and .xcf for Photoshop and GIMP users.

Visit Sourceby nurutheone

Modern office telephone icon


Modern office telephone PSD isolated on white. This is ideal for website contact or support page graphic.

Visit Source – PSD Graphics

Motorola Droid PSD


Visit Source – by TheAL

Apple iPad: Fully editable PSD


Fully editable Apple iPad in PSD format.

Visit Source – by kevinandersson

iPad PSD


iPad in PSD (Photoshop Document).

Visit Source – by mppagano

Apple iPad 3 PSD


High-quality iPad3 in PSD format.

Visit Source – by Zlypkorp

Apple iPad Mini PSD


Apple iPad Mini PSD in 200+ Layers, Black and White.

Visit Source – by wellgraphic

Apple iPad 2 PSD


High quality iPad 2 PSD, PNG and in icon format for both Windows and Mac OSX.

Visit Source – by davinci1993

HTC Aurora Concept


A concept design of HTC Aurora in PSD, PNG and ICO format.

Visit Source – by davinci1993

Kindle .psd


This is a photoshop document for showcasing any kindle screensaver you make.

Visit Source – by el-chucklebuck

Android: FM Radio


Android FM Radio Application PSD templates.

Visit Source – by bharathp666

Nintendo Wii Black .PSD


Black Nintendo Wii .PSD.

Visit Source – by zandog

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