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30 Great Steel Texture Showcase

Steel is one of the most useful metal and being such, you can see things made of steel almost everywhere. From corrugated steel roof of houses, to steel pipes and railings, to steel cables and heavy manhole covers, the metal is just a ubiquitous thing. For this reason, steel texture is also one of the most wanted among metal textures. If you are a digital artist, perhaps you have experienced in an instance or two where you need a good steel or iron texture

20 Cool WordPress Google Map Plugin Collection

Integrating maps on your website is a great approach to help your visitors find your location. If you are running on WordPress, you can use a WordPress Google Map plugin for the purpose. There are lot of these plugins around and they offer not only map views but also satellite imagery of the location you want to display. Depending on the plugin, you can make some of them display additional information or description using an HTML bubble. Of course, there are also free and

40 Sets of Useful Photoshop Arrow Brushes

Photoshop arrow brushes are useful extensions if you are not contented with the default arrow brushes that you can find in the custom shape section of your graphic software. Of course, for simple, and straightforward creations where you want to simply direct your audience to the specific portion of your design, the default shapes are usually enough. To find them, all you have to do is to: 1. Right Click on the rectangle tool at the bottom of Photoshop toolbar. 2. Select Custom Shapes.

35 of the Best Magento Themes for Online Stores

Online shopping has been one of the modern-day innovations thanks to e-commerce website platforms, chief among them is Magento. Indeed among the great variety of e-commerce web engines, it is one of the front runners as it has lots of powerful capabilities and features for web shops. Also, there are lots and lots of superbly functional and beautiful Magento themes to choose from to suit your taste and personal preferences. The Benefits of Magento On product presentation side, Magento makes it easy for you

35+ Cool and Inspiring Gray Websites Showcase

There are a lot of gray websites around and their appearance vary from being grunge and informal to clean, classy and businesslike. Also, the color sometimes appear dull and boring while in some cases it evokes homey, nostalgic and calming feel. To have a better grasp on how to use the color Gray, it is advisable to learn how it is used in different kind of artworks and designs and how it interacts with other colors. The Use of Color Color is one of

40+ Helpful CSS Generators and Tools for Developers

Coding the stylesheet for your web design, is a pretty tedious job. Luckily, there are CSS generators and tools that you can use to speed up the process of creating a website. These tools are pretty cool as they save you the time and the drudgery of handcoding from scratch. From creating the basic layout of your website, to creating grids, and deciding for the colors, there are apps that you can call in to help you on the fly. Of course, there are

40 Gorgeous Female Digital Artworks

All throughout the ages, history is full of accounts of how women influenced the world. Songs and poems were written, wars were waged, peace were contracted and paintings made all because of some female figure in some cases in history. Indeed, the proverbial power of women to captivate the hearts of men, and in some cases make them do their bidding has contributed to the state of affairs that we have in the world today. Behind any powerful man there is a woman so

60 Useful Free Gadget PSD Showcase

Whether you are a GUI designer or an artist who want to play around with designs containing electronic gadget elements, you will always find free gadget PSD files to be helpful. They can considerably speed up the process of finishing graphic designs because the gadgets are readily available for integration. Also, because they come as layered PSD files, you can edit them to suit your needs. Indeed, gadgets of any sort are some of the freebies that you should not miss as they can

20 Beautiful Paint Brush Logo Designs for Inspiration

Paint brush logo designs are effective in branding home decors or interior design businesses. This is aside from their obvious application as brand identity of paint products.  In creating a brush inspired logo, the artist has in his option the implementation of different colors to portray the results of the paint brush in action. This makes the logos more catchy and attractive since more colors are involved. Somehow this is a deviation to the ideal that colors in logos should be minimal, ie. two

25 Great Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Case Collection

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 case is a basic accessory that you need if you want your Samsung “phablet” so stay sleek and beautiful as it should be. Yes, phablet is a now a full-pledged lexicon in the tech world, thanks to the revolutionary smartphone brought to us by Samsung.  Basically, phablets such as Galaxy Note, and its successor, Galaxy Note II, is a hybrid device that allows you to enjoy the features of a tablet in a compact, lightweight and palm friendly, body. With