15 Illustrator and Photoshop Line Art Brushes and Tutorials

Illustrator and Photoshop line art brushes are some of the useful resources if you want to create line drawings or artworks. Basically, line art is called as such because it is composed of straight or curved lines usually placed in a plain background to portray the subject. Usually, it is monochromatic and as opposed to an illustration embellished with hues and gradients. As an art, line art puts emphasis on the form, outline and the texture. You can find line art used in caricatures, cartoons and in the form of glyphs and monochromatic symbols.

In this post, we are sharing with you some of the valuable resources that you can use create with style of illustration. Most of these are intended for Photoshop but there are also some that you can use for Adobe Illustrator. You can also find tutorials at the end so there something to guide you if you just starting to learn the art. Don’t forget to share this post to others in the social media if you find it useful.

Sketchy and Line Art Brushes by Genflag – VISIT SOURCE


A set of sketchy hand drawn line brushes for various line art designs.

LineArt Brushes by artisticfugitive – VISIT SOURCE


A set of 8 line art brushes for both abstract and line artworks.

Lineart Brushes by keitaru-san – VISIT SOURCE


A set of simple strokes of line brushes for Photoshop.

Line Art #4 By titimontoya – VISIT SOURCE


Realistic Pencil Brush Set by SpiritOfTheTree – VISIT SOURCE


A realistic rendition of pencil in a brush in this set.

Line Art PS7 brushes by demenshia – VISIT SOURCE


A set of Line Art brushes made in Photoshop 7.

Line Art 6 by titimontoya – VISIT SOURCE


Includes 5 line art Photoshop brushes.

Retro lineart brushes by Angelic14 – VISIT SOURCE


Retro styled line art Photoshop brushes.

12 Fine Lineart Brushes for Illustrator – VISIT SOURCE


12 fine line art brushes to use for yor drawings and decor- with finely pointed ends.

Line Art Abstract Brushes by titimontoya – VISIT SOURCE


5 line art Photoshop brushes in one set.

Scribble Set by melemel – VISIT SOURCE


16 hand drawn scribbles made in PS 7.

The Lineart Tutorial by sashas – VISIT SOURCE


This tutorial explains how to ink, as in where to make your lineart thicker and thinner, which really can be used for traditional and tablet users. Even if you have a tablet, or if you are a traditional inker this has some things that can help you. It has tips for people scanning in their lineart and some brush settings for tablet people. Then it goes over the path tool, and how to use it with different brush settings.

Mouse Lineart Tutorial (PS) by wondering-souls – VISIT SOURCE


Play around with the pen tool and brush settings to get the desired look you like in this tutorial.

Easy lineart coloring tutorial by Horse-Lover95 – VISIT SOURCE


A tutorial that discusses the process of applying color to a line art.

Lineart Coloring Tutorial PS by GWAdeviantfr3aK – VISIT SOURCE


A tutorial, how to Color Linearts.

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