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30 Brilliant Typography Art Examples for Inspiration

Typography art is a discipline of graphic design that takes the writing of letters to a more artistic direction. While a mere writing of words in simple, unadorned fonts, can be enough to make them understood, an added touch of creativity can reinforce whatever idea the word may conjure. Not only the embellishments of the texts can make them more inviting but also they help explain their meaning  in a more visual fashion. This explains why typography art is a ubiquitous thing in print

30+ Awesome Smoke Texture Collection

We have seen a lot of digital artworks that make use of smoke texture to enhance the way they look. With some smoke texture as a background or as an overlay, an artist can add an eerie or mysterious feel on his design thus making it more dramatic and meaningful. For today’s post, we are glad to share with some of smokey textures courtesy of some kindhearted individuals from the design and photography community. You can use these items for free on your photo

40 Awesome Usage of Typography in Web Design

Typography in web design is an indispensable element. When creating a website, the designer has to take into consideration not only the layout and color that he will employ but also the font that he will use on the design. A typography  can either ruin or enhance not only a website’s look and feel but also its usability. In choosing a font to use on a website, the designer has to decide for the family of the font, the size, the color and the

40 Creative Websites with Hand Drawn Elements

Hand drawn elements are used extensively in websites owned by creative individuals. A hasty digging of the web would indicate that a handful of websites owned by designers contain some of form of hand crafted elements as embellishments of their web presence. Basically, this practice is a product of their own creative imagination. Designers always have a drive to be unique and to stand out from his peers and one way of doing it is by using hand drawn, personalized elements on their websites.

Basic Tips in Choosing A WordPress Theme for Your Website

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your website can be a daunting task. If you have experienced using WordPress before, maybe you have found yourself in a situation where you are not satisfied with the the way your theme looks or the way it works. You have this tingling sensation to change your theme but you don’t have a clear alternative what to use in its place. You have been digging around the WordPress theme lineup of different providers but you just can’t find

45 Dazzling Minimalist Portfolio Websites for Inspiration

Minimalist portfolio websites are popular among creative professionals but what is the essence of minimalism in personal portfolios? Or why make a portfolio in the first place. A designer’s online portfolio is a single most effective tool in marketing his services to the world at large. Without a portfolio, a designer or even a photographer would not have the success in terms of getting clients on board compared to his peers who maintain a dazzling online presence. So what are the elements of an

40 Super Cool Facebook Chat Emoticons to Impress Your Friends

We have known Facebook emoticons to be around for quite some time but they tend to be too bland and simple to dazzle your friends and leave them momentarily stunned. Or so they seem. Even Facebook admits this and so it wants to reinvent its emoticons with the help of Matt Jones, a Pixar story illustrator. According to Buzzfeed, the social media behemoth gave orders to Jones to come up with emoticons to express a range of complex emotions such as like “contemplation, admiration,

15 Amazing Photoshop Advertisement Tutorials for Designers

Photoshop is one of the most popular graphic software of used by designers and it is because of a good reason. Originally designed for photo editing, Photoshop has evolved into a powerful application that can be used to create complex graphic designs and artworks. In this post, you will find tutorials that once again demonstrate the amazing capabilities of Photoshop at the hands of skillful designers. These are focused in using the software in creating advertisement posters for different products. While these are geared

20 Useful WordPress Theme Tutorials and Resources

Whether you are a plain website owner or an aspiring web designer or developer, you will find it worthwhile to spend some time studying WordPress theme tutorials written by seasoned professionals. Unless you don’t mind spending just to get simple tweaks and simple code alteration done on your template files, you will find it pointless to use some brainpower to learn how things are done in WordPress. That’s not the case of course with average bloggers and website owners. Many of them run on

25 Splendid Digital Art Illustrations for Inspiration

Digital art illustrations encompasses a wide range of modern art forms created with the aid of powerful graphic software. It can be digital painting, a cartoon or character illustrations, 3D models or photo manipulations. Nowadays, digital art illustrations are common and they are used in advertising media such as posters and infographics; in magazines and many more. In this post, we are sharing with you a number of the digital artworks which are skillfully created. You will see that apart from the concept or