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20 Awesome Sets of Geometric Patterns for Designers

Free geometric patterns can be a nice treat to designers and they are such for a good reason. From time to time, a designer would need patterns or textures for his graphic and web designs, and so it is just right to have such kind of materials on standby. Basically, patterns are useful as website backgrounds and also as overlay in a variety of graphic projects. A texture or pattern can add a tactile feel on a design and it breaks the monotony caused

40 Cuddlesome Kids Font Collection for Designers

Whether you are working on a poster, a flyer, a logo or website intended for children, you will need a kids font for your typography needs. With a look and feel that particularly reminds us of our childhood, kids’ fonts are specially appealing to the youngsters. In general, child fonts tend to be playful. Whether it is inspired from a typical penmanship of a grade schooler or from a cartoon illustration, a kids’ font is a always a draw to young individuals. In this

40 Stylish Fashion Logo Design Showcase

Fashion logo is an important element in the branding of clothing, footwear and accessories. Being a symbol that would project the image of the product, it is essential that it should be endearing to the audience. As a whole, fashion logos should exude the quality of being stylish, unique and original just like the products they represent. A great fashion oriented logo may appear in a simple, yet catchy typography, or elegant in a design embellished by fancy swirls, or rugged and grungy in