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40 Lovely Heart Logo Designs for Inspiration

Heart is a symbol of love, care, affection and anything along that line. It represents ideas that tend to make a positive impact to the audience. Being so, heart-shaped illustrations are being used in branding to make logos. How a heart figure is implemented in a heart logo design in a way which is unique, beautiful and creative, of course depends on the message and the identity of the business or organization that the logo wants to represent. It would also depend on the

40 Beautiful and Creative Packaging Designs for Inspiration

Creative packaging designs certainly are appealing to the customers as they are more likely to attract attention unlike those which are not in the shelf. Indeed it is time-honored principle in marketing that a package design must be attractive, unique and creative as possible in order to outclass its competitors and be the top pick in every retailer’s shelf. This is of course just one part of the equation, as other factors such as price, also influence buying decisions. In this article, we are

40 Beautiful Street Photography Showcase

Street photography is a type of photography that seeks to portray the subject in candid situations in public places. What makes this genre of photography interesting is that it captures the bustle, the life and the culture of the people in images. It tends to connect to the viewers emotionally in the sense, that there’s more to street photography than the mere visual and technical aspects of a photograph. When looking on it, a well-composed street photo tends to tell something through the facial

25+ Outstandingly Cool Concert Posters for Inspiration

Concert posters are essential items when it comes to promoting a concert or music event. If you are an organizer of such an event, you cannot really afford to miss some effective marketing tools such as a concert poster of flyer, as these are proven time and again to be contribute a lot to any sold-out concert. This of course is in tandem with other advertising media such as television, radio and online campaigns. In this post we are rounding up some of the