35 Nostalgic Retro Vintage Photoshop Brushes

One of the styles or trends in graphic design that has staged a comeback is retro vintage. This particular design approach was once prevalent during the 60s, 70s, 80s and even way before those eras. When we see retro vintage designs, we tend to be reminded of the social milieu and conditions prevailing during that time. In graphic design, those bygone eras are characterized by the absence of powerful software that could have aided the designers in creating designs.

During those times, almost every element of the design was created by hand. In contrast, you can accomplish quite complex manipulations in Photoshop which is not possible before. You need not have to create every element of your design from scratch as there are a lot of tools and resources that can be loaded in graphic programs easily. One of these resources are Photoshop brushes.

In this article we are sharing with you some of the free retro vintage Photoshop brushes that you can use to create designs similar to those which are prevailing in the days past. All of these brushes are free but not all are free for commercial usage. Please make sure to ask permission or otherwise follow the request of authors in connection with commercial usage of their works. You can of course find brushes which are absolutely free so you are free to use them in any way you want. Just be sure to give credit whenever necessary and whenever it is due. Also, in the course of making retro inspired designs, you might find it necessary to use some Photoshop building brushes. You can also grab those resources to use on your artwork. If you prefer Adobe Illustrator on the other hand, you can take advantage of the free Christmas vector graphics for use on your designs this holiday season. Check them out and enjoy!

Retro Funk – 44 Brushes by ardcor


44 dynamically generated circular brushes for that great Retro look and feel.

Retro II by catastrophical


Beautiful retro elements for a vintage design in Photoshop CS.

Retro Vectors Brushes by redheadstock


A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various vectors in a retro style. All high resolution, with the average size being approx. 1800 pixels.

Retro Circles by Celestialabyss


A set of 4 retro brushes. Compatable with photoshop 7.0 and +

Vector 05


57 vector brushes for Photoshop.

Brush Set 16 – Retro Drinks by punksafetypin


A set of 16 retro drink brushes for Photoshop 7.

Retro Circle Brushes by HeartDriven


10 retro circle brushes made with Photoshop CS2.

Brush Set 17 – That 70s Girls by punksafetypin


Some images from a book from the 70’s.

Brush Set 18 – That 70s Girls by punksafetypin


Great brushes from the 1970s.

Old Signs


A collection of old vintage signs made into medium res Photoshop brushes.

Retro Photoshop Brushes by punksafetypin


Retro Photoshop brushes made in CS 3.

Retro Vector by Enigma-Design


This retro series this set of 9 is perfect for large projects.

Retro Circles Brushes by slaughterdbc


A beautiful set of retro circles in Photoshop.

Vintage hands by nadinepau


14 bruses – made in Photoshop CS2.

Retro Brush Set by PhotoshopCS2DOWNLOAD


A bunch of experimental retro brush set.

Drearetro Brushes II_by drearetro


14 cool brushes for Photoshop.

1940 Cosmopolitan Brushes by moolis


48 hi-res brushes from a vintage 40’s Cosmopolitan from a garage sale.

WallPaper Sized Brushes No.05 by Muts69


10 wallpaper sized retro circle brushes.

Banner Brushes No.15 by Muts69


12 retro circle brushes.

Retro Cassette Brushes by KeepWaiting


A set of retro brushes, a music note, antenna pad, bar, retro stars etc.

Old Post Card Brush Set I by dubtastic


Here are 9 brushes created from old post cards.

‘I LUV DESIGN’ Pro Grunge by PAULW


27 Cool pro grunge brushes for Photoshop CS/CS2 (Not PS7).

Cool curly vectors


A cool and colorful curly vector set.

Circle Brushes by sunset-gin-stock


Circle Brushes made in Photoshop 7.0

magno by absolutbeginner


This brush set comes from one old tape-recorder chronicle.

Wanted Poster by krakograff


A set of wanted poster brushes.

240 Retro Dynamic Brushes by ardcor


240 dynamically generating retro brushes.

Free Retro Circle Scribble Brushes


6 high-resolution brushes.

Peter Driben Pin Ups Brush CS3 by Nitewing


A new Pin Ups Brush Set made in CS3 containing 35 Brushes!

45 Retro Pin Up Girls by bigoldtoe


A collection of 45 brushes featuring some of the loveliest ladies ever created.

ScrappinCop Funky Retro Circle by debh945


Some really big funky circles and some petite little sweeties.

Flying Vector Stars


High resolution Photoshop brushes featuring flying vector stars for retro designs.

Retro Abstract Circles: Photoshop Brush Pack by Jacob Gube


Inspired by funky, abstract 70s patterns, vinyl records, and the popularity of employing retro elements in modern design, these Photoshop brushes are perfect as decorative ornaments in your retro-inspired projects.

HighTech Circles by env1ro


19 big brushes finished in Photoshop 7.

3 Large Retro Brushes by eliburford


3 very large ‘retro’ style brushes for Photoshop CS2.

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