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15 Beautiful and Free Subtle Patterns Collection

Subtle patterns can enhance the look of your designs without drawing to much attention into themselves. If used as background of a website, a subtle pattern can add a tactile feel that tends to be laid back. It is thus, a great thing to use when you want to fill the void while still maintaining the clean and almost minimalist design that you like. In this article, we are showcasing a number of free subtle patterns that you can use on your projects. You

10 Beautiful Calendar Template Showcase

What is left of year 2012 right now is a little more than a month, or 38 days to be exact. It is still a long time though before the much-awaited New Year’s Day celebrations and even the day of Christmas. This is not necessarily true to graphic designers however. For those who are involved in designing calendars, now is the right time to gather resources and create conceptual ideas for the calendars that they are planning to offer for their clients. Mass printing

20+ Free Android Photography Apps with Awesome Effects

Android phones and tablets have great cameras but just like any other camera, they cannot produce effects right in an instant. To achieve that requires the usage of third party app during post processing. Luckily, there are a lot of Android photography apps these days capable of modifying your photos in a snap. Whether you are looking for an app capable of giving a lomography, vintage, selective color and other effects, you can find an Android app that can deliver what you want on

40 Wonderful and Free Christmas Fonts

Christmas is barely a month away and designers are now preparing for some resources that they can use to create Christmas greeting and invitation cards, wallpapers, decorative items and other designs or artworks for the Yuletide season. As the Christmas season comes closer, more and more designers will be engaged in some kind of commissioned projects for their friends and clients alike. In creating Christmas designs, it is noteworthy that we have an option not to create every design element from scratch as there

35 Creatively Cool Golf Logo Designs

Logo is an essential element for brand recognition as it is what carries the identity of the product. In order to make a logo an effective marketing and promotional tool as it should be, it is important that it is unique, creative and downright catchy. In this article, we are showcasing some of the coolest golf logo designs that you can use as inspirations for your projects. As the name suggests, these logos can be used on gulf clubs and organizations, golf shops and

35 Nostalgic Retro Vintage Photoshop Brushes

One of the styles or trends in graphic design that has staged a comeback is retro vintage. This particular design approach was once prevalent during the 60s, 70s, 80s and even way before those eras. When we see retro vintage designs, we tend to be reminded of the social milieu and conditions prevailing during that time. In graphic design, those bygone eras are characterized by the absence of powerful software that could have aided the designers in creating designs. During those times, almost every

40 Beautiful Winter Photography Examples and Tutorials

Winter is a time of the year when people prefer to stay indoors as there are nothing much to do outside except for some occasional snowball fight, ice skating, sledding and a few others. If you are photography enthusiast and you are somewhat bored already of the repetitive repertoire of activity that you do inside, why not grab your camera and brave the cold for a wonderful photographic composition? Most likely, you will find it fulfilling especially if you love nature and want to

40 High-Quality and Free Christmas Vector Graphics

Christmas is one of the joyous events in Christendom because there are a lot of fanfare and activities that take place to make it special. As the season comes close, we can see Christmas trees, Christmas lights and other decorations that remind us of the significance that we attach to the birth of Jesus Christ to our lives. During the Yuletide season, we extend our greetings and give presents to those we care as a gesture of our love. Basically, to make Christmas as