30+ Useful Photoshop Building Brushes

Photoshop building brushes are useful in realizing your design goals in less time. It may be not be true at all times but they will prove their worth when cityscapes, skylines and houses are involved in an artwork. Thanks to the awesome functionality of Photoshop.

Among the graphic software, Photoshop stands out from the rest, because of its flexibility to handle a lot of designing tasks. It can be used not only in photo editing but also in photo manipulation and illustration. This capability of Photoshop is due in part to its array of tools that can be extended with third-party brushes, gradients and actions. For designers these things are important as they considerably reduce the time it takes to finish various design tasks. Instead of creating every element of the design from scratch, the artist only have to download some brushes and implement the figure that he want for his design with only a few keystrokes. This allows him to accomplish more than what he used to without the Photoshop resource.

Meanwhile, it is not at all uncommon to experience difficulty in finding the right things in the web so, if you are looking for some of the Photoshop brushes that you can use to create buildings on your urban theme artwork, look no further as you will find what you are looking for in this article. Here, you will find beautiful Photoshop building brushes, for free. For those who want to use the any of the brushes for commercial projects however, be advised to check if the author of such material allows commercial use or not, as stated on its download page. There many Photoshop building brushes in this article which are free for both personal and commercial usage, but there are also some which are restricted only for personal use. It thus better to check them out to be sure. We hope that this brushes will help you streamline your workflow further. If it does, drop us a note and share this article to your friends. Enjoy!

Building Brush pack by 123freevectors


123 Free Photoshop brushes in one set.

Vector Building brushes by vishalrokez


4 brushes in one pack.

Sydney Building Brushes 1 by prudentia


Trial Building Brushes by prudentia


Urban Scrawl Photoshop Brushes by InvisibleSnow


29 brushes made in Photoshop CS.

Urban Brushes 1 by ElaineG


7 Urban brushes.

City Brushes by v-k-s


Building Ruin Silhouette Brush Pack by saret


14 brushes of various sizes.

SciFi Building Profiles by inception8-Resource


City Scapes 2 – NYC Edition by tiffcali06


Speed Painting Brush Pack by leeislee


There are over 150 brushes in this pack.

Urban Brushes by afeaugas


City Skyline Brushes by NevsArt


4 city skyline brushes in one set.

Urban Brushes 2 by Rawox


Cityscape and skyline brushes by cLuddy


Photoshop House Brushes by waywardgal


futuristic Buildings Brush set by cheekysneeky


Skyline Brushes by metabolid


Famous City Skyline Brushes by Rawox


Old Buildings by xxxToxicSunshine


Funky City Skyline Brushes by Photoshop Free Brushes


Photoshop City Brushes by partyboy9289


It includes 11 brushes in one pack.

City Brushes by DrowElfRocker


Random city brushes cs3 by shauna-mullen


buildings and houses brush set by X-Cerberus-X


This is a buildings brush set containing 8 brushes.

Skyline Brushes by kovah-kvh


Skyline Brushes Pack by OneLttle1


4 high-quality brushes (silhouette and photo). All brushes are between 2300-2400 pixels.

SkyScraper Brushes by David0592


This pack contains 9 Brushes.

Castle Brushes by cosmos-Resources


22 Castle/Tower brushes made from various photos.

Skyline Brushes by DianazDesignz


PS Brushes – Buildings Of Paris 001 by darkaion


12 Hi-Res (2500 pixel) Photoshop Brushes.

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