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30+ Wonderful Rainbow Pictures for Inspiration

Rainbows have always been a source of fascination to humans. In fact legends are rich of accounts of rainbows being attributed to supernatural forces. Greek mythology has it that a rainbow is a path made by Iris, the messenger of the gods between Earth and Heaven. Irish mythology on the other hand, has reference to the end of a rainbow as the secret hiding place of a leprechaun’s pot of gold. Meanwhile, the book of Genesis mentions that God put the rainbow in the

15 Amazing Sea Turtle Pictures for Inspiration

Having a firsthand experience to sea turtles while diving is perhaps one of the things that almost everybody wants. The sight of these friendly creatures gliding smoothly in the water is really a sight to behold especially on their natural habitat. Indeed, animal encounters like with sea turtles in this instance, are worthy to be documented and one of the best ways to do it is to capture a photo. To do that requires some special equipment namely a waterproof casing for your camera