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25 Unique and Creative USB Flash Drive Designs Showcase

Nowadays, with our dependence on computers and digital technology, data storage devices like USB flash drives are very useful. They are lightweight, easy to use, durable and highly compact with huge memory storage contained in a tiny piece of casing. Being useful items, USB flash drives are great gift items to students, office workers, designers or anybody whose lifestyle demands a bit of time working with computers or the web. Indeed, a person who uses a computer in one way or another will always

In the Eyes of Animals: How Animals See the World Infographic

In our world, we see and enjoy the scenes around us, the landscape, the skies, the waters and all things visually entertaining. But how about the animals? How to they see the world? Do they have exactly the visual perception like us? Do they also perceive and appreciate the colors that we see in our surroundings? Mezzmer, an eyewear manufacturer has the answer, and they are sharing this infographic not only for us to know how different our sense of vision is, but also

60 Beautiful and Relaxing Examples of Beach Photography

For many of us, one of the ultimate vacation spots is a beautiful beach. Not only does it offer an opportunity to enjoy the water, but also a chance to feel the breeze and relish the sight of the landscape, the calm and azure waters, or the waves as they tirelessly pound the seashore. These things are what makes beaches so enticing, even in pictures. Our own natural tendency to admire nature’s wonders is one of the reasons why we love beach photography. Here,