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50 Beautiful Examples of Silhouette Photography and Tutorials

Photography as an art, involves different methods in capturing its subjects, and of the most imaginative and dramatic technique is silhouette photography. It is used by artists to convey an emotion or mood based on the way it appears. Since only the outline of the subject is visible, silhouettes do not tell exactly how the intricate details of the photo would appear if shoot under normal conditions. Being so, it allows the imagination of the audience to supply the unseen details depending on how

30 Hilarious and Creative Print Advertisements

Print advertisements like any other form of promotional ads have to be designed in such a way that is catches the attention of the audience. One of the ways adopted by marketing strategists to make print advertisements effective is by employing humor and creativity, and this means highly imaginative graphic presentation of the message of the ads. Here in this post, we are sharing with you some of the hilarious and creative examples of the print ads that can really capture the attention of

30 Beautiful Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography and Tutorials

Tilt-shift is a type of photography wherein the subjects of the photo look like scale models. This is achieved by using tilt-shift lenses or by photo manipulation of the image (fake miniature) using a photo processing software like Photoshop. In tilt-shift miniature faking, the subject is shoot throughout the focal range. It means that the background, foreground and the middle are all in focus or almost near to it. After which the photo is edited in Photoshop or a similar software with some parts

45 Beautiful and Refreshing Examples of Waterfall Photography

For obvious reasons, waterfalls are one of the most relaxing places to visit. Whether you take a dip in the water, or you just hangout and enjoy the cool environment around a waterfall, you will surely find yourself relieved from the brunt of everyday living. Also, you if you love to preserve memories, or to relish the beauty of nature, you can grab your camera and venture into waterfall photography. So, what does it take to shoot a perfect waterfall photo? Well, there is

25 Amazing Examples of Cityscape Photography

If you love are an individual who loves city life, then perhaps you also love cityscape photography. This is the kind of photography that captures the view of cities with all their majesty and splendor. From tall buildings to characteristic city lights, to street scenes, and others, cityscape photography encapsulates what the city is all about. Here in this article, we are showcasing amazing examples of cityscape photography that you can look at for your inspiration and enjoyment. These are some of the photos

15 Weird and Hilarious Products You Can Buy from Amazon

Right now, you can buy a great variety of products in an online store such as Amazon. From toothpicks to lawnmowers, to wolf urine and UFO detectors, all of them are on sale at Amazon. Yes. Products you don’t think are available can now be bought in the web’s most popular store. So, if you want a cool beer bandolier for a handsfree and heavy drinking experience, you can now get it online. So as the fart machine, and the toilet mug you’ve been wishing to have. Check out these weird and hilarious products from Amazon.