40 Beautiful Gaming WordPress Themes

Break that unproductive game habit and go blogging with these awesome gaming WordPress Themes. Right now, a lot of people are hooked to video games. A great number of these individuals are big game addicts that hardly a day would pass without them touching their favorite game consoles. If you have such kind of behavior, then maybe you are interested in spending your gaming time to something beneficial while using your expertise and knowledge in online games. One of the rewarding activities that you

80 Outstanding Parallax Scrolling Website Templates

One of the trends in web design that catches so much heat is parallax scrolling. Technically, parallax scrolling is a technique in computer graphics that creates an illusion of depth producing in the process a nice 3D animated effect. This is achieved by having the background images move in a slower pace than the ones in the foreground. Right now, web designers are adopting the technique and the result of their work is simply astounding. Parallax scrolling websites really tend to be interactive and

30 Marvelous jQuery Drop Down Menu Plugins and Tutorials

jQuery drop down menu has been very common in almost any kind of websites nowadays. This is to provide an attractive navigation system on a web page without consuming its precious real estate. With a jQuery drop down menu plugin, you can display the important pages and subcategories of your contents at a click of your header or sidebar navigation. Depending on your needs, you can find plugins from simple, multi-level drop downs, to one that displays a large drop down box containing numerous

65+ Beautiful Fullscreen Websites for Inspiration

Right now, you can see a number of fullscreen websites from diverse range of niches and industries. As its name suggest, these websites fully occupy the entire screen. The trend certainly springs from the fact that big images and a unique design often arouse more interest from the viewers and so it is a viable marketing approach. With the traditional web design consisting of sidebars and predictable navigation setup taking the vast majority, innovative web practices such as fullscreen and parallax scrolling are a welcome development. To give you some inspiration, I am showcasing some of

50 Beautiful Church WordPress Themes and HTML Templates

To easily deliver the message of God, religious organizations need an easy to manage website powered by the best church WordPress themes and HTML templates. Churches nowadays must have a website where they can convey important information to their flock. It is a cost-effective solution and it is accessible in any time of the day. The prevailing trend in church website design nowadays is to adopt a professional down-to-earth look. Obviously, this is intended to establish friendliness and compassion to the audience. In this

70 Attractive Metro WordPress Themes To Wow Your Visitors

Get the feel of minimalist Windows 8 design on your website using these metro WordPress themes. The Metro style user interface of Windows Phone, Microsoft’s mobile operating system, and its desktop counterpart Windows 8, has really impressed a lot of web designers. Its clean, user friendly and attractive design inspires the creation of metro WordPress themes which are now available in different theme marketplaces. Based on the design principles of classic Swiss graphic design, Metro is a codename designated by Microsoft for the UI

30 Free Photoshop Tree Brushes

Trees, flowers and other plant elements are frequently portrayed in graphic artworks. Thus, if you are an artist, it helps that you have Photoshop tree brushes right on your graphic software. Instead of rendering trees or any vegetation, you can take a shortcut if you have such tree or foliage brush resources at hand. There are a lot of these brushes in the web and you can download them to be used on your projects. We are sharing some of them in this post

70 Best Business HTML Website Templates

Web developers can easily setup a decent online presence for companies using these business HTML website templates. Content management systems like WordPress certainly empowers individuals with little technical knowledge to handle important aspects of their websites. They can post content easily and modify it accordingly through the WYSIWYG editor of the CMS. For the basic look and feel of the site, WordPress users can initiate some changes without touching a single line of code through the admin panel. Developers on the other hand find

10+ Awesome Free SEO WordPress Plugins

Optimizing your website for search engines is a foolproof way to increase your traffic and consequently your revenue. Whether you are managing a blog, a corporate website or an e-commerce store, the need to rank highly in major search engines is necessary because search engines like Google, is a platform that can recommend the content of the your website to people who are actively seeking for them. To be able to rank in the specific keywords however, is not easy. You need to build

30+ Beautiful WordPress Sports Theme Showcase

A WordPress sports theme is just what you need whether you are fitness or training instructor who want to promote your services, or a blogger who write about the latest news and updates about any sporting event. Sports and fitness is a big business right now and you can readily see it in jam-packed sports arenas and in crowded fitness gyms. To get in touch with their followers, sports teams, fitness centers and sports writers deem it necessary to establish a web presence. To