75 Beautiful Free Business Card PSD Templates

With basic knowledge of Photoshop, one can create a printable hand out of his contact information using one of the free business card PSD templates. Nowadays, there is a decreasing demand for books, newspapers, photos and other informative materials in printed form. These things can now be stored, distributed and consumed all in their digital format. There is one printed material whose importance is not affected by the digitization trend of communication however – the good ole business card. Business cards are convenient, reliable and effective in conveying one’s information to another using only a tiny piece of paper. Indeed, there is warmth and congeniality involved

40 Creative Camera Logo Designs for Inspiration

A camera, being an unmistakable symbol of photography is what photographers often use for their logos. Camera logo designs are needless to say, associated with photography, and so very easy to remember. For a logo design to shine, it has to be catchy and creative while retaining the telltale signs that say it stands for a photography business. There is no limit to art and creativity that is why there is also an unlimited number of ways by which a camera can be depicted

5 Best Casino WordPress Themes and HTML Templates

Everything has gone online nowadays from shopping, to gaming and even betting on a casino. This becomes possible thanks to the efforts of web developers who painstakingly develop WordPress themes and HTML templates for various industries and sectors. Right now, there are a handful of Casino WordPress themes and HTML templates that not only cut the mark of excellence in terms of design and usability but also hold a promise of efficiency once implemented in a live gaming and betting platform. Indeed, online casinos

How to Connect Filezilla to XAMPP

XAMPP is an awesome web development tool that allows you to transform your PC into a web server. This is useful especially if you want to test a CMS like WordPress before deployment on a live environment. This way, you have a real, fully functional website hosted locally that you can tweak to perfection before launching. If you haven’t downloaded XAMPP, you can get it here.  Install it on your PC and from there you can install WordPress on its htdocs folder. Also, to

80 Winning WordPress Themes for Book Authors

I have been creating websites for indie authors and in some cases face-lifting existing ones, and I have found that they have something in common for their websites. They want to adopt a design and features that can best market their books and other stuffs on the side, while wanting to make their websites easy to use. Basic Features of Author Websites Writers as they are, book authors want a blog roll where they can express their thoughts, share the preview of their work,

Jupiter WordPress Theme Review – Design and Functionality Revealed

There are countless WordPress themes currently circulation but only few can be considered masterpieces worth keeping. These are the elite, the all star of their kind. Themes which are highly versatile and powerful that you can add functionality and create different layouts in a matter of minutes. One of these is Jupiter WordPress theme. I have been using this theme for a number of websites I created for my clients and my experience so far is remarkable. My clients are impressed with the design

How to Recover and Change Lost WordPress Username and Password

If you have forgotten your wp-admin password, WordPress has built-in email recovery mechanism that you can use. How about if the email password recovery system doesn’t work? If that is the case, you can change lost WordPress username and password by accessing your database. Username and Password Recovery Through the Database One of the effective ways to recover access to wp-admin, is through the database PhpMyAdmin. This is applicable whether you have lost a username or a password. How to do it? 1. Begin

How to Add Custom Font in WordPress

WordPress is a pretty powerful CMS but its default configuration has very limited font options at your disposal. If you want to style your website a bit from the ordinary, you might need to change the typography of your website with unique custom fonts that you have downloaded from a third party source. For an absolute beginner who is still learning the ropes of web development, this tutorial is very helpful is it teaches the basic technique on how to makeover a website. Here’s

How to Display a Dynamic Logo in a WordPress Theme

Free WordPress themes like Twenty Twelve, Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen, are great options if you want to create a functional website without spending much for the your web design. They are coded with the latest standards and so they are unlikely to encounter problems going forward. Unfortunately, these themes do not give you much choice when it comes to making your website reflect your personal brand, tastes and preferences. Of course, you can extend the functionality of your website using plugins but adding

20 Best Ghost Themes for Blogging

Want a leaner, easy to use CMS that help writers become efficient in their craft? Introducing Ghost. A blogging platform developed to help publishers share their story to the world in a breeze. Here are some of the best Ghost themes to help you choose your blog’s design. Ghost is an emerging CMS which is built just for blogging. Verily, the primary author of Ghost, John O’Nolan envisions his CMS to be a simpler solution than WordPress, the now multi-purpose software that first started